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Viewable Stats for Alliance Members


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One of the main advantages/disadvantages of being in an alliance is being able to attack alliance members of any mp3 level.

Chances are if you are an mp5 attacking an mp4, you'll do alright. On the mp4 side however there is a lot of guesswork involved. I think that alliance member stats (VE, creatVE, # of creats) should be made viewable by all players. Most alliance players do seem to be of a higher level and for fair competition being able to view stats would help a lot.

By making alliance stats viewable there are no disadvantages, players of your own level can already see them and attack you, and unallianced players of other levels probably don't care and can't attack anyway.

What do you guys think?

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very good idea but stats arent everything

i beat bration once or twice

he has way mroe stats than me

and king manu or muratas del mur

i beat him repeatdly

based on ritual selection alone

wodin i beat him too barely as well as knator commander by a fraction of a percent

ritual selection over came all stat bonuses in these cases just try you can suceed

and good luck but i do think that is a waste of time if you see someone with 1200 attack and 1000 defense are you going to attack wehn they have 12k creature ve and 8 critters

no but i will 2 times just to beat him and say i did

it is all about perserverence

and luck

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