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Stack em High.....or not.


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Basically...I think it would be a great Idea if we have the option to cluster individual items and separate it accordingly in the case of resource being consumed.. If this can't be the case then it should at least either take only what is need or give an appropriate amount of the material to be had and leave the remainder.  I will admit it was because of my own folly that this happened Basically decided to try forging an ingot. Easily had enough for 8 and I have but 1. If this truly can't be addressed, then I understand...though i'd still be salty about it.

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  • Root Admin

Thanks Ailith for digging up that topic, i totally forgot about it :)

I would like to add that consuming resources in stacks is something i still support and the only thing i am willing to do is to better integrate it in the interface or explain it if needed.

A more intuitive view of this could be to understand it in stages like this:

1) 1 to few = you have discovered that resource

2) few to many = this is where it still matters if you have enough or not for whatever the resources are used for

3) enough to insane amounts = you simply "have" that resource, any use of it stands in your power, but not infinite uses, as you consume them all when you will use them.


Does this approach make things more clear or is more confusing?


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clear and reasonable. 
normally people have loss aversion. We will learn to accept it. 

But it somehow impair the liquidity of trade on resources as the seller usually has more than needed but the price should be on demand. Anyway it’s not important at the moment. Just a flash of thought. 

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