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i spend much time in sherch of players that give puzzle, to much time

it would be best if we have a page where you can see all player's puzzle, so you will be able to solve them without exosting your time.

sometimes you can walk right next to a puzzle owner and not knoing this because they dont have anything specific (except when you click on them).

so to make it easy to evryone make a page for puzzle owners just like the rpc's list but with all puzzles


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Mm.. if you know the rpcs, all you need to do is check their profile from time to time.

www.magicduel.com/players/[insert rpc name here]

But I agree, it can be a little frustrating to know you missed out on a quest just because you weren't alert. Maybe a list of only the main quests, not the miniquests which are part of the main ones, so there is still a little hunt. Am I making sense?

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But, what really stinks is when you answer their riddle 30 mins. after they post it at 3:30 am and then send them another PM with an indepth description of the item to get even more of response and they don't even acknowledge you.

Were they really just waiting for one of their friends to answer so they could give them the prize? Puzzled, but not perplexed

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Or Shoeps :P Shoeps is supposed to replace Manu as much as possible.

I know as a LHO it's easy to miss a message if you're getting a lot; sometimes you get several at once, and because the notification is slow you get a single notification for all of them, click on the notification, get directed to the latest message and forget to check if any arrived before that one.

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chewett and social butterfly i am not really concerned. i ask for prizes all the time and have never received anything, but i'm not stressed over it. it doesn't change my love for the game.

alright now let's get back on topic.

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As far as Finding the RPCs with Quests, Glai's suggestion is the Best way to do that. Though you Also have the RPC list to see who is on and where, even though we're rarely all Online...

In terms of Prizes, many RPCs don't have the Abitities to do Much Yet. The thing we Can give out is a WishPoint. They are unfortunitly under work, and don't have instant Uses. RPCs are the Only ones that can see the WP right Now, but eventually you should be able to See your Own.

From my Understanding, WP can possible be Accepted by RPCs as a sort of Payment (I don't suggest you go Asking RPCs to Give you something though).... And WP will also be Used in Magic, Whenever that gets Finished.

Ren's AL seems to relate to Magic....

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for me the prize dont represent much (soleve 2 quests and did not recive nothing), what i want is to try and solve as many quests/puzzle as possible.

so the page with player name that gives quests will help me ALOT

but if many of you think like chewett then make a personal page with question marks (alrady mention it and at the time it was posted it was liked) that represent the quests available, so one can know how many there r. When a quest end's and you did not solve it that question mark will desapear; but when you solve a quest the "?" will show the quest and your answer and the clue that is given to you (if it has any).

It would like a personal achevement and can be added to your profile, the number of solve quests. from here it can be expanded to somthing like this: make quests give a certaine numbre of points (maine quests alot, seondary very few) that can be turn in to prises (at 35 points you can get your first, at 100 the second, at 175....etc) - those r not the WP that r given now, there addition points and the reward can be from a temporarly power up to some feature to some creatures all of this prises shold be achive hard and get better with your scor or only give youa rank so you can brag with it.

personaly i only wish the list but that above will be great to

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Well RPC's can See if you've completed Quests, or Quest Related things...

Honestly right now Quests aren't exactly Coordinated enough to do the Point thing, Each RPC kinda does their own Quests at their whim (much to the Frustration of Older RPCs I might add...)

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