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What your ritual?


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If I didn't miss this posted somewhere else, I'm now (at the time of this post) a mp4 with 1 mil exp. I still don't understand the rituals. How to set them up or why I would set them a certain way. I just fill up all my players with VP, clikc random and attack. When I try to change it up and set certain creatures it's usually to just get wins so they will grow faster.

There have been a few times that I have set up a specific (or what I thought was good) ritual and attacked, but I see no difference in the final results of a fight.

Do you guys have good rituals, that you can share. Could be ones that worked better as a mp3 then now as a mp4 or mp5. This thread could be a good reference to beginners and mp4 beginners like me. If you could just list some examples about why one ritual would work against another, that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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errrm well to put it bluntly

any indication of anyones rituals here will be counted as a spoiler and will essentially ruin half the fun of the fighting aspect of the game

i repeat do not list your rituals here

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Envy, In many ways I am as much or more of a tyro as you. However, in learning about healing rituals and other things I am learning that the way you set a ritual is as important as the contents of ingredients of a spell.

For total newcomers, and important thing you need to know is that a ritual must have at least 301 VE (Vital Energy). That means that the current VE of the creatures in the ritual must total at least 301 or the system will choose a random ritual for you. Thus, for example, you cannot do a healing ritual with a single Barren Soul as the most VE a Barren Soul can have is 200. If your rituals are turning out random on you, this is why.

The next thing you need to know is what you want to accomplish. As an MP3 one ritual is pretty much as good as another. Every time you loose less VE than your opponent, your win counter is incremented. However, once you are MP4 or higher this is no longer true.

In this extended system, there are victories, which will increment your win counter and take heads from another player, and simple wins which get you neither heads nor a tick on your win counter. A simple win is good for growing your creatures, but does not advance your character.

This distinction must force a change in the way you approach attacks. Attacks with overwhelming power will advance your creatures, but very rarely increment your win counter or get you heads. You must be willing to risk a loss to win. The system requires that you loose 15% of the VE committed to a ritual in order to get a victory. And, your opponent must loose 35% more VE than you. If you want the victory, you have to structure the ritual and the amount of your character's VE so that you actually can loose 15+% VE.

This is quite a challenge. Learning to do this is far more impressive than learning to always win with massive force. It is also why Mur is always saying that with the right ritual, you can eventually topple even the powerful and experienced of opponents. It's true in the real world, and here.

My personal take on this is that there is more to be gained by discussing rituals with an opponent in advance of attack or defense. The reason is, this gives both players the opportunity to actually learn something about rituals and learn how to obtain a victor (not simple win) under a wide variety of circumstances. At least, this is what I strongly believed based on the way people learn the martial arts in the real world.

There are other issues to setting up attacking and defending rituals. For instance, in a single creature ritual, that creature must not be one that has multiple targets. In general they are effective only so long as there are two or more targets. When the target count reaches one, they no longer do any damage or weakening to your opponent.

Well, that exhausts what I've learned in three weeks. It's all common knowledge, so there are no spoilers here. The only thing that is truly my own is my analysis that the game offers more rewards to those who use less than overpowering force.

I have so much to learn.

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Envy I have had the same problem, and while I can't post my ritual I will say that I have found success using less than the max number of creatures when possible.

Creatures do their damage based on your stats....so if their is one creature they get 100% of that stat, and if you you 6, each gets 1/6. I have some small combos that don't use the max amt of creatures that do quite well.

In short, smash and destroy dosn't always work, and sometimes less is more.

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See I'm already learning.

dst told me to check here "MagicDuel Forums » The Library » Rituals" to find some information. I would have never looked there, so glad you told me dst. ty

I'm not looking for any game spoilers but there are some rits that every knows about and may be helpful. like a "gator gar" will always beat a "heretic". something like that is what I was wondering, but the mechanics of it all help us.

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