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What is Magic? Inner/Outer Circle? What are illusions?

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Magic in MD realm comes in various forms and meanings.

Inner Circle is when you turn roleplay and reasoning (especially research based on clues and provable info), into something real. This sort of magic is highly dependent on a higher power to become real, so its not something you can just do within the interface, but its something that may happen, provided you have the right reasoning for it, the involved items and the right higher power (a25 members, me, chew) becomes interested in your 'cause'.

I wish to say this here and clear, i am ignoring or denying direct requests made to me. If something of interests comes to my attention other ways than you asking, then maybe i get involved and turn inner magic into reality.


Outer magic, this you can do. There are spells you can obtain in wishshop or using magic stones, that you can cast by writing their trigger words in chat (words you define yourself). This magic happens instantly and is in your power to do as soon as you discover it.


Illusions are a different part of the MD experience, In some places, your character can enter an illusion and whatever it does during that illusion is not kept after you exit the illusion. During an illusion you can have totally different creatures, or skills, and you may look entirely different. Illusions mode was created years ago, but only recently did it receive the required attention to become more public. 

I guess its safe to say that at the moment of writing this, the fastest and probably only way to see how illusions are, is to ask to test them. Otherwise, wait for it to be announced.

Once illusions become an integrated part of the gameplay, it will be announced, and more questions and answers will be available regarding this subject.

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