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Warm up! (WP quest)

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(this is a warm-up for a player's brain, not something serious like a difficult riddle or cipher)

I believe future quests (permanent ones) will also involve some kind of ''fetch me (resource)'' and that resources will matter a bit. As such, there's no harm in making the fetching part make the player work a little with basic mathematical operations learned in primary school. What I need from you is help in creating such demands, demands that we'll insert later in various stages of various quests. Here's an example of such a demand:

Of dear, what do I do? I haven’t got the last shipment of 15 units of herbs for this month! Each week we get the same amount, and a third of the monthly bundle is flowers, but this month I’ve only received half of the flowers! Can you get me the rest?

Now, the resource in question is not as important as the situation. Think about where these situations might occur and come up with interesting examples: in a quarry, on a ferry, at a sanctuary, at an altar etc. You can either think about the equation- 2(x+3)=12-x -and then come up with a situation or think of the situation first and come up with an equation later.

With a limit of 2 WPs for player, each 20 questions/demands will get you a WP as reward. Note that I will do the quality-check and reject some, but I'll let you know which. As for how you can submit the entries, for ease of work, either open a forum PM with me and write them as you go (5 today, 5 tomorrow) or send me a forum PM with a .txt/.doc/.rtf file with all the questions. 

This will go on for about 2 weeks, I think that's sufficient time. If anyone thinks 1 WP for 20 questions is a reward too great, let's talk about it (even here). This has the potential of becoming increasingly difficult as demands may be too similar. Also, for those submitting a lower nr, than 20, we'll settle it in gold and totems.

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Mentioning that if you're interested in gold or totems, all you have to do is submit a number inferior to 19 and depending on the quality, we'll decide on the reward.

Also, it might be a good idea to submit your initial 20 earlier than the last day, as I may reject some

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