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Imps Scatter Fyrd's Props!

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Oh no! What was meant to be a prop box for developing actors refining their roles, located at the Cafe by the Maple, north of Wind's Sanctuary, has been broken into.

Unfortunately, Imps got in and stole everything – items, resources, spell stones, loose change, the works!
They were last seen running north from there, before Fyrd banished them to chaos, but the stuff is scattered everywhere! 
Fortunately, Fyrd is sending location spells after them, so all you have to do is go to the right spot and call them by name.
You can keep any item, or return it to Fyrd for a silver coin.  In fact, he’ll buy any RP item for 1 sc to restock.
The list of items that are missing and have been tagged is posted on the prop box (password LOOK).

Quest notes:
Everything is north of the Cafe, in NML and MDA, not in LR.  MP3's can find it all.
This is an MDScript quest - the item name is the password at each possible hiding spot.
The Cafe by the Maple is an item transfer spot - you can collect the item via its ITC there.
The more you find, the more Fyrd can put on the "tagged" list.

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So, Stavaroiu found 27 of the 30 items I had tagged.  In order to get a wishpoint, anybody else will have to beat that score.  BUT, you do get to keep the items you want.  I will be tagging additional items stolen by the imps, but 30 is my limit.

QUEST NOTES: If you just want the silver, and not the actual item, don't collect on the ITC - simply send it to me in a PM and I'll pay up and recover the item myself, and that will save us a lot of paper shuffling....  Don't worry about who was first, the little birdies will tell me who got there and in what order....

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Okay, I have 30 more items stolen by the Imps now tagged for retrieval.  WP if you can find at least 29 of them.  You can keep 'em, sell them (or any RP items) back to me to restock the prop box at 1 sc each.  If you're going to sell them back, just give me the ITC from where you found it, and I'll recover the items and still pay the 1 sc.  Have fun, and thanks for the help!

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