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Halloween Stories

Fyrd Argentus

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Acoustic Remains log

[31/10/21 14:13] Fyrd Argentus:SHOUTS: Scroll to the bottom of the window to see the day of the dead memorial.! 
[31/10/21 16:03] Fyrd Argentus:So who is here for stories? 
[31/10/21 16:03] Ledah:Ye, why not 
[31/10/21 16:03] Fyrd Argentus:stavaroiu? 
[31/10/21 16:04] Fyrd Argentus:I suppose I could AR and post it.... 
[31/10/21 16:05] Fyrd Argentus:So this is about my grandfather, a truely pragmatic engineer, fire fighter, fan of westerns... 
[31/10/21 16:05] Fyrd Argentus:... and his ghosts. 
[31/10/21 16:05] Fyrd Argentus:Not the sort of guy who you\'d expect to believe in ghosts. 
[31/10/21 16:05] Fyrd Argentus:He was a steel mill foreman, and later was the guy who negotiated with the unions. 
[31/10/21 16:06] Fyrd Argentus:Now the unions in Ohio in that day were corrupt - run by the mafia. 
[31/10/21 16:06] Fyrd Argentus:It was no holds bars, slashed tires, broken bones, etc. 
[31/10/21 16:06] Fyrd Argentus:After retirement, years later, he began to insist that the "boys from the union" were coming to get him. 
[31/10/21 16:07] Fyrd Argentus:They were probably all dead by that time - grandpa was quite old.... 
[31/10/21 16:07] Fyrd Argentus:Then one day he insisted that he heard voices upstairs. 
[31/10/21 16:07] Fyrd Argentus:This was odd because there was no upstairs in his one-story house. 
[31/10/21 16:08] Fyrd Argentus:Later he was found out on the road at night searching for his dog. 
[31/10/21 16:08] Fyrd Argentus:When we told him the dog had been dead for a few years, he said he knew that. 
[31/10/21 16:09] Fyrd Argentus:... and went on muttering about the boys from the union and his dog. 
[31/10/21 16:09] Fyrd Argentus:Well, the doctors said it was senile dementia, but I\'m not so sure. 
[31/10/21 16:09] Fyrd Argentus:This guy was put in an institution, yet had the smarts to pick the lock on his room door and try to escape. 
[31/10/21 16:10] Fyrd Argentus:He was put in a locking chair, and get got himself out of that. 
[31/10/21 16:10] Fyrd Argentus:They finally put him in a straight jacket, and of course he couldn\'t fight off the boys from the union anymore. 
[31/10/21 16:10] Fyrd Argentus:And then he promptly died, unable to move in the straight jacket. 
[31/10/21 16:11] Fyrd Argentus:So, was it ghosts? 
[31/10/21 16:11] Fyrd Argentus:You tell me! 
[31/10/21 16:12] Ledah:They finally got to him 
[31/10/21 16:12] Fyrd Argentus:That was my thought. 
[31/10/21 16:12] Ledah:If only his dog had been there! 
[31/10/21 16:12] Fyrd Argentus:Maybe it still was, earlier.... 
[31/10/21 16:13] :Ledah sweats 
[31/10/21 16:13] :Invie maimed Ledah and took all ☻53 heads. 
[31/10/21 16:13] Fyrd Argentus:Speaking of canines.... hello Invie! 
[31/10/21 16:13] Invie:Hi everyone 
[31/10/21 16:14] :Ledah finished Invie and took all ☻53 heads. 
[31/10/21 16:14] Fyrd Argentus:Do you have a ghost story to share? I\'ll post mine and any others later. 
[31/10/21 16:14] stavaroiu:hy 
[31/10/21 16:15] Invie:Nope, no stories. 
[31/10/21 16:15] Fyrd Argentus:Ledah, you got one? 
[31/10/21 16:16] Ledah:No, I am too creatively bankrupt 
[31/10/21 16:16] Fyrd Argentus:Never heard something and turned around to see -- nobody? 
[31/10/21 16:17] stavaroiu:i might have one 
[31/10/21 16:17] Fyrd Argentus:Surely we\'re all "haunted" by memories .... 
[31/10/21 16:17] Fyrd Argentus:Great! Go for it Stav! 
[31/10/21 16:18] stavaroiu:so, this is something that has happened to me a few days after my grandmother passed away 
[31/10/21 16:18] stavaroiu:one night @4AM i woke up hearing music 
[31/10/21 16:18] stavaroiu:at first i toguht it was my neighbour 
[31/10/21 16:19] :Invie crippled Ledah and took all ☻53 heads. 
[31/10/21 16:19] stavaroiu:but then i realized the sound was comming from my next door room (i live alone in a 2 room apartement btw) 
[31/10/21 16:20] stavaroiu:so i want to check, and the TV was on for some reason, at some clasic music channel 
[31/10/21 16:20] Fyrd Argentus:Not your choice of stations? 
[31/10/21 16:21] stavaroiu:which was very strange since the TV by default should not be able to have any channels 
[31/10/21 16:21] stavaroiu:a decodor or somethign needs to be on for that to work 
[31/10/21 16:21] stavaroiu:and mine was off, not even connected to electricity 
[31/10/21 16:21] stavaroiu:so by all intent in purposes, even if the TV was on, it should only play static 
[31/10/21 16:22] stavaroiu:when i entered the room, exactly then, the TV channel switched 
[31/10/21 16:22] stavaroiu:to a news channel 
[31/10/21 16:22] stavaroiu:but different from the music chanel, that played clearly 
[31/10/21 16:22] stavaroiu:this one was broken 
[31/10/21 16:22] stavaroiu:like you only heared 1 word at the time 
[31/10/21 16:22] Fyrd Argentus:broken? 
[31/10/21 16:22] stavaroiu:like it was try-ing to send a message 
[31/10/21 16:22] Fyrd Argentus:ah, sorry 
[31/10/21 16:23] stavaroiu:yeah, 1 word then a break inbetween 
[31/10/21 16:24] stavaroiu:i`m afraid this is where the storry will end since i got dressed, grabed my suitcase and went to work hours before i should even be there 
[31/10/21 16:24] stavaroiu:left the tv on 
[31/10/21 16:24] stavaroiu:when i got back from work, it was shutdown 
[31/10/21 16:24] Fyrd Argentus:But what did it say to you? 
[31/10/21 16:25] stavaroiu:i cant remeber, the only thing i remeber was wanting to get away imediately 
[31/10/21 16:25] Fyrd Argentus:Hmmmm 
[31/10/21 16:25] Fyrd Argentus:Freaky 
[31/10/21 16:25] stavaroiu:the only time this has happend since i moved to this apartement 
[31/10/21 16:26] stavaroiu:was some1 trying to prank me? Who knows 
[31/10/21 16:26] Fyrd Argentus:Welcome Wagon. 
[31/10/21 16:26] Fyrd Argentus:Okay, I have some commemerative Halloween treats to pass out - no expiration dates. 
[31/10/21 16:27] Ledah:That was pretty goddamn spooky 
[31/10/21 16:27] Fyrd Argentus:Who prefers cake, candy, or pickles? 
[31/10/21 16:27] Fyrd Argentus:You too, Lash, since you woke up... 
[31/10/21 16:28] Ledah:Cake! 
[31/10/21 16:28] :Ledah slashed Invie and took all ☻53 heads. 
[31/10/21 16:28] :Fyrd Argentus passed Halloween Cake to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:28] Ledah:Frosting and everything... tankee 
[31/10/21 16:29] Invie:Candy 
[31/10/21 16:29] :Fyrd Argentus passed Halloween Candy to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:29] Invie:Good for the teeth 
[31/10/21 16:30] Fyrd Argentus:... or not. Very, very not. 
[31/10/21 16:30] Fyrd Argentus:Stav... you hearing more music, or have a choice? 
[31/10/21 16:30] Fyrd Argentus:Hope you haven\'t run off.... 
[31/10/21 16:31] stavaroiu:still here, have to say i got into the routine to plug out my TV when i am not watching it :) 
[31/10/21 16:31] Fyrd Argentus:Right. 
[31/10/21 16:31] Fyrd Argentus:Cake, candy, or pickle? 
[31/10/21 16:32] stavaroiu:il take a pickle 
[31/10/21 16:32] :Fyrd Argentus passed Halloween Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:32] stavaroiu:my dentist will be happy with my choice of snaks :) 
[31/10/21 16:33] Fyrd Argentus:Not to be a kill-joy, but we got this new "smart" TV that was allowed to select it\'s input. After watching a DVD, half-hour later, the DVD player would power down. 
[31/10/21 16:33] Fyrd Argentus:The dang TV then switched over to cable. 
[31/10/21 16:33] :Invie dominated Ledah and took all ☻53 heads. 
[31/10/21 16:33] Fyrd Argentus:The effect was it appeared to just turn itself on spontaneously. 
[31/10/21 16:34] Fyrd Argentus:Your grandma would be proud too. 
[31/10/21 16:34] Fyrd Argentus:I had to do a lobotomy to stop the dang thing doing that. 
[31/10/21 16:34] Fyrd Argentus:I hate "smart" electronics. 
[31/10/21 16:35] Fyrd Argentus:My wife tells of her sister who got an Alexa system. 
[31/10/21 16:35] Fyrd Argentus:To test it, she asked "What is my husband\'s name?" 
[31/10/21 16:35] Fyrd Argentus:The thing answered, "It concerns me that you do not know." 
[31/10/21 16:36] stavaroiu:yeah, its like the joke with the IT engineer that only has a smart printer, and he keeps his gun next to it in case it shows any strange behaviours 
[31/10/21 16:36] Fyrd Argentus::)) 
[31/10/21 16:37] Fyrd Argentus:Thanks for the story! 
[31/10/21 16:37] Fyrd Argentus:I\'ll pass out regular pickles too, in case anybody wants to adventure in NC. Lash says it\'s safe for a couple days. 
[31/10/21 16:38] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:38] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:38] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:38] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:38] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:38] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to stavaroiu 
[31/10/21 16:39] Fyrd Argentus:If you need more, let me know. Or call, I can deliver. 
[31/10/21 16:39] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:39] stavaroiu:thank you 
[31/10/21 16:39] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:39] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:39] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:39] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:39] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Invie 
[31/10/21 16:40] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:40] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:40] Invie:If I had known it would be safe now, I would not have spent days hiding from Lashtal. 
[31/10/21 16:40] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:40] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:40] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:40] :Fyrd Argentus passed Spicy Pickle to Ledah 
[31/10/21 16:41] Fyrd Argentus:It opened up during the anniversary events too. 
[31/10/21 16:42] Invie:When is that? 
[31/10/21 16:42] Fyrd Argentus:Lash, if you want pickles, tell me, but you gotta show some signs of life, or undeath or something. 
[31/10/21 16:42] Fyrd Argentus:End of april.... 
[31/10/21 16:42] Fyrd Argentus:Might open up for Christmas... that\'s a big deal too. 
[31/10/21 16:42] Fyrd Argentus:But I haven\'t been here for one in ages. 
[31/10/21 16:42] Invie:Good to know 
[31/10/21 16:43] Fyrd Argentus:By all rights, the closure was justified as a "renovation" so it may just plain open up again. 
[31/10/21 16:43] Fyrd Argentus:I don\'t know. Politics. 
[31/10/21 16:44] Fyrd Argentus:This was fun. I\'m going to try to be here 1700 and 2100 every day, but if I don\'t make it, start without me! 

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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