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New Creature Leveling


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I finally got into Loreroot and grabed some of the new creatures, but I am having a problem leveling them since in MP4 most of the creatures out there all target "weak" which the new creatures are, so is there any way I can level them without them getting killed every fight?

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It's a bit of a silly idea, but you could have a creature, you know, weaker than the rest to be the target, i.e. Barren Soul. That's not too good if it dies within one round, because then your LR creatures will get targeted at that point; not to mention having one more useless creature in your ritual would significantly weaken it.

There are some creatures which have low atk/def skill and are relatively powerful, ones that use the power skill for their abilities. If you have a leveled creature like that, try make a ritual in which it is the weakest creature.

You should be able to slowly level up the weakest of your LR creatures by targeting newbies or people with low VE and defeating their creatures quickly, within the first few rounds. One hint: if you are using a VE bond, the VE and skills of your profile gets divided amongst your creatures in the ritual. Sometimes, using fewer creatures is better.. but if you're going to use one heavy-damage dealer and only one or a few creatures you're training, be aware that it will take many more battles to train your creatures overall.

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lol Glai, i guess, that this is cry for the next topic in "rituals"

I'll try to compile one, but they should first read the one that is already.

The problem is that saying to much is a spoiler, saying to few ... it doesn't help

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