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17th Anni Shaggy Dog Stories

Fyrd Argentus

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  • 3 weeks later...

There were no submissions, but I threw one out:

Fyrd Argentus: _ _ _ _ (not: )
Marvolo: If only I were alive to see myself win
Fyrd Argentus: NOthign is permanent. No worries.
Fyrd Argentus: I'll tell one while waiting:
Fyrd Argentus: A sailor escaped his sinking ship, and was saved by dolphins. He thanked them and was surprised that they spoke back in English. He asked how that was possible.
Fyrd Argentus: They said they lived forever, so were always learning things.
Fyrd Argentus: He said he was so grateful he'd do anything for them. They said, there is one thing - the secret to our never dying is that we eat baby seagulls. Would you get us some?
Fyrd Argentus: Sure, said the sailor, and they took him to a special island where the birds nest. But, to his surprise, there were creatures on the beach.
Fyrd Argentus: Huge cat-like beings were scattered all over the beach. How can I get you fledglings with those there, he asked his aquatic friends.
Fyrd Argentus: No problem, came the response, they are all sleeping. You can just slip past quietly. Okay, said the sailor.
Fyrd Argentus: So he tiptoed up the beach, past the sleeping monsters to the nests, scooped up some fledgelings, and started back.
Fyrd Argentus: Of course the baby birds squawked and the creatures hear, woke up, and ate the sailor.
Fyrd Argentus: The moral of the story:
Fyrd Argentus: Never cross staid lions with baby gulls for immortal porp

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