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17th Anni Humorous Stories

Fyrd Argentus

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  • 3 weeks later...

Again, no submissions, but I put one out:

Fyrd ArgentusI have no forum submissions, but perhaps some direct readings?

Fyrd ArgentusI will tell a funny one, just to get started.

lashtal sits by a tree, listening

Fyrd ArgentusThis is about my mother-in-law, sometime in her 80's. She was a spry old bird.

Fyrd ArgentusShe was traveling, alone, through an airport, and had some time before her flight was to leave.

Fyrd ArgentusSo, she went to a vendor and bought herself a bag of cookies.

Fyrd ArgentusShe went to find a seat, and had to sit down beside a big hairy gentleman.

Fyrd ArgentusAfter awhile she reached over to the bag of cookies between them, and ate one.

Fyrd ArgentusThen, the big guy, staring her right in the eye, reached over and took a cookie too, and ate it.

Fyrd ArgentusShe glared at him, twice her size, but he didn't blink. She reached over and took a cookie and, locking gazes with him, ate it slowly. He did the same.

Fyrd ArgentusEventually the cookies were all gone, and the big guy got up and left.

Fyrd ArgentusShe sat there for awhile to catch her breath. What an encounter!

Fyrd ArgentusThen, she looked down on the floor, on the side away from where the big guy had been. And lo and behold.....

Fyrd Argentus... there were her cookies.

lashtalAn illusionist?

Fyrd ArgentusNo, the bag of cookies between them had been his.

lashtalAh, nice one!








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