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Grasan I


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Grasan I


Basic Lumbering Beast. Can only attack multiple targets and not a single target dealing chaotic damage. Helpless against a single enemy unit and very effective against numerous enemy units.

Seemingly resembling an obese humanoid, Huvourers are not very smart and they usually only rely on one basic need – hunger. They usually live in the depths of the Hollow Den but also in the Aramory and they can see in pitch-black darkness. They will devour any wanderer, alive or dead (in case the huge boulder thrown by the Huvourer will hit the unfortunate soul). Aside from that, a Huvourer will also bite and maul anybody's flesh to shreds.


Since no one was interested in the Barren Soul I decided to put another creature up. This time the Grasan since from reading this board it seems to be quite popular. And by the way way I do think it looks cute in a funny sort of way, kind of looks like a giant marshmallow man like the one from Ghostbusters.

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