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Fyrd Argentus

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Lashtal's story (got 4 votes on chat)

[21/04/22 21:25] lashtal:Ok, I have a story too.
[21/04/22 21:26] lashtal:Not sure it fits to "shaggy dog" genre though.
[21/04/22 21:26] Fyrd Argentus:Okay, but it will be in the "other theme" a this point.
[21/04/22 21:26] Fyrd Argentus:Unless it's horror, that's still coming.
[21/04/22 21:27] Fyrd Argentus:Or humor, inspiration, conspiracy theories, or an origin story.
[21/04/22 21:27] lashtal:Partly horror, or weird, partly comic. I don't know.
[21/04/22 21:27] lashtal:With absurd morale.
[21/04/22 21:27] lashtal:A mess really
[21/04/22 21:27] Fyrd Argentus:OTHER sounds right.
[21/04/22 21:28] Fyrd Argentus:Please proceed.
[21/04/22 21:29] lashtal:This story comes from a dream I had. Like most of my stories.
[21/04/22 21:29] :Chewett worries about the dream
[21/04/22 21:29] lashtal:There were this large company of folks having dinner all together.
[21/04/22 21:29] lashtal:Or should I say freaks?
[21/04/22 21:29] lashtal:Anyway, I was among them.
[21/04/22 21:30] lashtal:The one sitting next to me had one ear where his mouth should have been, and viceversa.
[21/04/22 21:30] lashtal:The dinner had many courses, at least a dozen.
[21/04/22 21:30] lashtal:As long as we got closer to the dessert, the courses got progressively weirder.
[21/04/22 21:30] lashtal:Similar to the ones eating them. Or at least, their faces.
[21/04/22 21:30] lashtal:At one point I had enough and decided to run home.
[21/04/22 21:31] lashtal:There I met my father. There was a pimple on his neck.
[21/04/22 21:31] lashtal:It progressively swelled, until a spider came out of it.
[21/04/22 21:31] lashtal:Then the spider grew wings.
[21/04/22 21:31] lashtal:As my father and I were trying to squash it, it increased in size at each failed attempt.
[21/04/22 21:31] lashtal:But in the end we managed it!
[21/04/22 21:32] lashtal:We squashed the strange insect when it was almost as big as a hand.
[21/04/22 21:32] lashtal:The sound was... priceless.
[21/04/22 21:32] lashtal:Then a voice reached my head. It was the morale of the story.
[21/04/22 21:32] lashtal:It said, literally:
[21/04/22 21:32] lashtal:“You had infinite ways to wash your arse...
[21/04/22 21:33] lashtal:... But you lost them all in gambling”
[21/04/22 21:33] lashtal:I don’t think it makes any sense, but I woke up laughing.
[21/04/22 21:33] Fyrd Argentus:We'll let the voters (and forum votes) decide....

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