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17th Anni Pun Contest AR's

Fyrd Argentus

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Acoustic Remains log

[16/04/22 15:30] :Fyrd Argentus creeps out from under the table.
[16/04/22 15:30] Fyrd Argentus:Hello?
[16/04/22 15:32] :Ailith drinks all the drinks
[16/04/22 15:32] :Valoryn arches his brow lightly
[16/04/22 15:32] :Ailith replaces drinks with fresh ones and sways
[16/04/22 15:33] Ailith:Hi
[16/04/22 15:33] :Fyrd Argentus hides an empty jug.
[16/04/22 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:Had some technical difficulties.
[16/04/22 15:33] Fyrd Argentus:Anybody looking for a pun contest?
[16/04/22 15:34] Ailith:sounds fun (just making a sammich brb)
[16/04/22 15:35] Fyrd Argentus:OKAY, PUN CONTEST WILL BE HELD HERE 15:40. brb
[16/04/22 15:35] Valoryn: *scratches his head* I doubt I have enough grey matter for this, unless grey matter isn't a requirement.
[16/04/22 15:36] Chewett:Hey Ailith
[16/04/22 15:36] Chewett:And everyone else!
[16/04/22 15:37] Fyrd Argentus:Hello
[16/04/22 15:38] Valoryn:Greetings.
[16/04/22 15:38] Fyrd Argentus:So in a couple minutes we'll start the pun contest. I'll set a theme and we'll go round and round...
[16/04/22 15:38] :Fyrd Argentus looks dizzy and holds his head.
[16/04/22 15:39] :Fyrd Argentus steadies himself on a table.
[16/04/22 15:39] Fyrd Argentus:Sorry about that. Late night.
[16/04/22 15:40] Fyrd Argentus:Anyway, if you can't come up with a pun in your turn, you're out for the round. At end of the day we'll add up the 3 rounds in some complex mathematical way, and determine the winner.
[16/04/22 15:40] Fyrd Argentus:So, who is in? Ailith and Valoryn I think....
[16/04/22 15:40] Valoryn:I'm out of grey matter, I think...
[16/04/22 15:41] Chewett:I'm doing some organisation but looking to watch!
[16/04/22 15:41] Fyrd Argentus:You think, therefore you are.
[16/04/22 15:41] Fyrd Argentus:We're waiting on Ailith and her sammich
[16/04/22 15:42] Fyrd Argentus:2 might not be enough for this. Even 3 with me.
[16/04/22 15:42] :Fyrd Argentus tries to uncross his eyes.
[16/04/22 15:42] Fyrd Argentus:Oh, there are 4 of you.
[16/04/22 15:42] Fyrd Argentus:So we have 5. No wait...
[16/04/22 15:43] Valoryn:My point exactly, I -am- out of grey matter. *looks at his empty wooden cup*
[16/04/22 15:44] :Fyrd Argentus kicks several empty bottles out of the way.
[16/04/22 15:44] Fyrd Argentus:Plenty more on the shelf here.
[16/04/22 15:44] Ailith: (I now has sammich)
[16/04/22 15:44] Valoryn: *nods* Right...
[16/04/22 15:44] :Valoryn grabs a Glass of red wine.
[16/04/22 15:45] Fyrd Argentus:Okay, theme is math. This may not compute with just 2. I'll play for just for fun and see if this works....
[16/04/22 15:45] Fyrd Argentus:Let's have a little FUN-ction.
[16/04/22 15:45] Chewett:Food! Sandwhiches :D
[16/04/22 15:45] :Ailith giggles
[16/04/22 15:45] Fyrd Argentus: (so Ailith is next)
[16/04/22 15:46] :Fyrd Argentus rubs his eyes
[16/04/22 15:46] Ailith:Becasue fun EQUALS happiness
[16/04/22 15:46] Ailith: (sorry a bit brain fried lol)
[16/04/22 15:47] Valoryn:And shared fun is fun MULTIPLIED.
[16/04/22 15:47] Fyrd Argentus:The variable here is how much we've each had to drink. The pub may not be the right locus for such an graphic display of gray matter.
[16/04/22 15:48] Ailith:On this day of celebration, let nothing divide us!
[16/04/22 15:49] Valoryn:Let's have more bottles added on our tables.
[16/04/22 15:49] Fyrd Argentus:Ordinate-ly I would agree.
[16/04/22 15:49] Ailith:Let's get the villains of MD together and pick the mean one!
[16/04/22 15:51] Fyrd Argentus: (So this is where we would start counting down to the sound of cheesey music)
[16/04/22 15:51] Valoryn: (Brain black out.)
[16/04/22 15:51] Fyrd Argentus: (pum-pum-pum-pum-pum-pum-paaa....)
[16/04/22 15:51] :Chewett holds breath in antici...pation
[16/04/22 15:52] Fyrd Argentus: (So Valoryn drops out....)
[16/04/22 15:52] Fyrd Argentus: *tries again to un-cross his eyes.* Ailith, you are a PAIR 'O BEAU LASS-es today.
[16/04/22 15:53] Ailith:Oh really? I hope that doesn't TRIGger any bad memories...
[16/04/22 15:54] Fyrd Argentus: *squares off on Ailith* no.
[16/04/22 15:55] Ailith: *looks around the pub* You know, the prices here are good.. absolute value of an evening
[16/04/22 15:55] Fyrd Argentus: (So if I said "you get a square deal" I'd be out for repeating.)
[16/04/22 15:56] Chewett: (later all, looks like takeitem seems wonky, I'm going to dig into it)
[16/04/22 15:56] Fyrd Argentus:I think they have the right angle to get coin out of us.
[16/04/22 15:56] Ailith: (aww but that's funny)
[16/04/22 15:56] Ailith: (<3 Chewy)
[16/04/22 15:57] Ailith: *nods twards the BAR GRAFFiti* That's a bit rude though
[16/04/22 15:58] Fyrd Argentus:Wonder if they serve PI here?
[16/04/22 15:58] Chewett: (Remind me Fyrd, how do I get to your test scene?)
[16/04/22 15:58] Chewett: (Or whats it called?)
[16/04/22 15:58] Fyrd Argentus:7_unsypg_2
[16/04/22 15:58] Chewett: (Cheers)
[16/04/22 15:58] Ailith:Yes, but you can get it in the Tea Rooms at fraction of the price
[16/04/22 15:59] Fyrd Argentus:Well let's round up a taxi and go.
[16/04/22 16:00] Ailith:Sounds like a win-win operation
[16/04/22 16:00] Fyrd Argentus:Unless they find our coins null and void
[16/04/22 16:01] Ailith:On reflection, maybe we should stay here..
[16/04/22 16:01] Fyrd Argentus:Yes they might rhomb us on the road.
[16/04/22 16:03] Ailith:With an array of pies?
[16/04/22 16:03] Fyrd Argentus:That is a sine-ester thought.
[16/04/22 16:04] Ailith:Sorry, my thoughts go quite base when considering danger.. and pies
[16/04/22 16:05] Fyrd Argentus: *sees the bill on the table.* Looks like they torus another receipt.
[16/04/22 16:06] Ailith:I attribute that to my drinking all the things.. sorry!
[16/04/22 16:07] Fyrd Argentus:Venn should ve qvit dis silliness?
[16/04/22 16:07] Ailith: *giggles* Have I struck a chord?
[16/04/22 16:08] Fyrd Argentus:Right, angel.
[16/04/22 16:09] Ailith: *giggles louder* I think we are nearly at an end point
[16/04/22 16:09] Fyrd Argentus:Try, angel, try.
[16/04/22 16:10] Ailith: *looks around at the sleepers* they have such peaceful expressions
[16/04/22 16:11] Fyrd Argentus:I'm counting on them.
[16/04/22 16:12] Ailith:I can see the logic in that
[16/04/22 16:13] Fyrd Argentus:However, our puns are getting derivative.
[16/04/22 16:14] Ailith: *frowns* it is an expected outcome
[16/04/22 16:14] Fyrd Argentus:We should integrate that into our plans.
[16/04/22 16:15] Ailith:... and let them become uniform?
[16/04/22 16:15] Fyrd Argentus:Let's get real here. I wouldn't want to get negative.
[16/04/22 16:16] Ailith:Certainly not for a long term
[16/04/22 16:17] Fyrd Argentus:I'm glad, by the way, that this is not a musical contest - we would have to do it IN VERSE.
[16/04/22 16:19] :Fyrd Argentus sends quick note to Chewie
[16/04/22 16:19] :Fyrd Argentus starts to dust the shelves.
[16/04/22 16:20] :Fyrd Argentus writes a last will and testament.
[16/04/22 16:20] Ailith:I can't do that, my musical ability is very very finite
[16/04/22 16:20] :Fyrd Argentus refills some of the bottles
[16/04/22 16:20] Ailith: (sorry, hangover XD)
[16/04/22 16:20] Fyrd Argentus:I think we're on parallel courses there.
[16/04/22 16:20] Seigheart:Hello :)
[16/04/22 16:21] Fyrd Argentus: (Hi seig, winding up a pun contest here.)
[16/04/22 16:21] Ailith: *squints at Nep's badge* It that in FACT A tree?
[16/04/22 16:21] :Ailith waves to Seig and smiles
[16/04/22 16:22] Seigheart: ( I missed it damn)
[16/04/22 16:22] Fyrd Argentus:Fact or not, it reflects some branched logic.
[16/04/22 16:22] :Seigheart nods to Ailith
[16/04/22 16:23] Ailith: *smiles* I believe I used logic earlier, or was that a different line?
[16/04/22 16:23] Fyrd Argentus: (I'd invite you to join, but I'm sure you'd repeat stuff we've used. AR will be posted later. Come at 1800 and/or 2100)
[16/04/22 16:24] :Fyrd Argentus collapses in a git of figgles.
[16/04/22 16:24] Fyrd Argentus:Wonderful run, Ailith.
[16/04/22 16:24] Fyrd Argentus:You win.
[16/04/22 16:24] Ailith: *giggles with Fyrd* Lovely contest! so much fun, thank you!
[16/04/22 16:25] Fyrd Argentus:You are master class indeed.
[16/04/22 16:25] Ailith:I likes puns
[16/04/22 16:25] Fyrd Argentus: (And I now have hit "save" on my alarm app - I will be here 1800 and 2100)
[16/04/22 16:27] Ailith: (<3)
[16/04/22 16:27] :[Spell] (Little birdies, report to Fyrd Argentus.)

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Pun Contest #2

Acoustic Remains log

[16/04/22 16:35] Fyrd Argentus: ( *crawls under a table and tries to sleep it off.* )
[16/04/22 16:35] Fyrd Argentus: (zzzzzzzz)
[16/04/22 16:37] Ailith:Ohhhh I forgot about the meme quest.... *cracks knuckles* here we go..
[16/04/22 17:21] Muratus del Mur:sorry, just finished
[16/04/22 17:49] :Fyrd Argentus emerges from the back room, showered, beard trimmed, plenty of coffee.
[16/04/22 17:49] Fyrd Argentus:Pun contest #2 begins in 10 minutes.
[16/04/22 17:49] :Ailith applauds
[16/04/22 17:57] jakubhi:huh, not sure if I have enough energy for that one, my Ailith's are heavy, should take a nap
[16/04/22 17:58] Fyrd Argentus:Ouch.
[16/04/22 17:58] Fyrd Argentus:The punishment begins.
[16/04/22 17:59] Fyrd Argentus:... in 20 seconds.
[16/04/22 17:59] Fyrd Argentus:Who all do we have. Jak...
[16/04/22 18:00] jakubhi: (anyone who joins now has a guaranteed win against me, puns are not my fyrd of expertise)
[16/04/22 18:01] Fyrd Argentus:Ailith and Seig seemed interested....
[16/04/22 18:02] Ailith:I will watch, I'd like to see how punny everyone is
[16/04/22 18:02] Fyrd Argentus:Seig is off-line. I PMed Ailith.
[16/04/22 18:02] Fyrd Argentus:We need contestants, Ailith. You're in.
[16/04/22 18:03] jakubhi:hehe
[16/04/22 18:03] Fyrd Argentus:And I'll play too, to give a broader fyrd of competitors.
[16/04/22 18:03] Ailith: (ok gimme a sec need to grab a drink)
[16/04/22 18:03] jakubhi: (internet crashed xD)
[16/04/22 18:04] jakubhi: (but seems it is ok now, hm)
[16/04/22 18:04] Fyrd Argentus:Internet bumper cars.
[16/04/22 18:04] Fyrd Argentus:We'll wait until Ailith returns with her drink then start.
[16/04/22 18:07] Ailith: (ok ready ^^)
[16/04/22 18:08] Fyrd Argentus:I think the conversation set the theme - vehicular transportation.
[16/04/22 18:08] Fyrd Argentus:List order above is Ailith, me, Jak.
[16/04/22 18:09] Fyrd Argentus:Hit the gas, Ailith.
[16/04/22 18:09] Ailith:Sorry.. lost my train of thought
[16/04/22 18:09] Fyrd Argentus:Sadly, I road in on a horse.
[16/04/22 18:10] jakubhi:it may take a wheel to get my reply..
[16/04/22 18:12] Ailith:Yes, I just got to hit the brake sometimes, not be too fast
[16/04/22 18:12] Fyrd Argentus:You're not tire-d of this already, are you?
[16/04/22 18:13] jakubhi:lets saddle this once and forever, I am not giving up till the end
[16/04/22 18:14] Ailith:Oh? even if you exhaust all options?
[16/04/22 18:14] Fyrd Argentus:Just stay between the lines, folks.
[16/04/22 18:15] jakubhi:sorry, did you signal me something? your blinkers are not what they used to be
[16/04/22 18:16] Ailith:I probably just ran out of gas
[16/04/22 18:16] Fyrd Argentus:You winged me with that one.
[16/04/22 18:18] jakubhi:lets accelerate this a bit, shall we ?
[16/04/22 18:19] Ailith:It is an indicator of something problematic, perhaps, so yes!
[16/04/22 18:19] Fyrd Argentus:This could propel - er - um - launch us into the sky.
[16/04/22 18:19] jakubhi:my combo shall be unbrakeable, yeee
[16/04/22 18:20] Ailith:The transmission of the anni events seems quite up to date *looks at the forum*
[16/04/22 18:20] Fyrd Argentus:We're doing fine, don't you SEA-iT?
[16/04/22 18:21] jakubhi:we hit a dead end, no more speeding
[16/04/22 18:22] Ailith:Yes, we can't afFord that
[16/04/22 18:22] Fyrd Argentus:I hope I win, dow.
[16/04/22 18:25] jakubhi:the carri age is still not old enough, just mildly spicy *continues eating*
[16/04/22 18:26] Ailith:They really need to put some music on, I wanna see Fyrd Bus-t a move
[16/04/22 18:27] Fyrd Argentus:Ze plin truth is I do this for fun, though.
[16/04/22 18:27] :Fyrd Argentus dances
[16/04/22 18:28] jakubhi:I do it to look mysterious! *shows off his new windbeaker* Pity, they are out of fashion
[16/04/22 18:28] jakubhi: (*breaker)
[16/04/22 18:28] Fyrd Argentus: (believe that's a repeat)
[16/04/22 18:29] jakubhi: (ouch, you go on then)
[16/04/22 18:29] Fyrd Argentus: (Stay with us for the fun though, Ailith is winner again.)
[16/04/22 18:30] Ailith: *thinks* I think we should reverse this and make jak the winner
[16/04/22 18:30] Fyrd Argentus:Hold on a minute, I have a trunk call.
[16/04/22 18:31] Fyrd Argentus: (your turn Jak)
[16/04/22 18:32] jakubhi:Nah, my chance to continue has long since sailed away, can't remember what has been mentioned anymore
[16/04/22 18:34] Ailith:I don't want to win, it feeds the van-ity
[16/04/22 18:34] Fyrd Argentus:Winning is a matter of proper alignment.
[16/04/22 18:35] jakubhi:there is too much on my plate to continue this
[16/04/22 18:36] Ailith:well then, continue oar stop, makes no odds to me *giggles*
[16/04/22 18:36] Fyrd Argentus:So I wonder, does this sort of thing steer us down the wrong path?
[16/04/22 18:37] Fyrd Argentus: (slipped in another math one, did you?)
[16/04/22 18:37] jakubhi:we took the wrong turn before the journey even began..
[16/04/22 18:37] Ailith: (ah I didn't think of that lol)
[16/04/22 18:38] Ailith:Let me tell it to you plane-ly.. there's no hope
[16/04/22 18:38] jakubhi: (need to go to wash car before it's dark, so fyrd your theme fits xD have fun)
[16/04/22 18:38] Fyrd Argentus:Don't grill me too much on this...
[16/04/22 18:38] Fyrd Argentus: (Bye Jak)
[16/04/22 18:39] Ailith: (bye jak <3)
[16/04/22 18:39] Ailith:I'll grill who I like
[16/04/22 18:40] Fyrd Argentus:It has been a gas.
[16/04/22 18:40] Ailith:You win!
[16/04/22 18:40] :Ailith giggles
[16/04/22 18:40] Fyrd Argentus:Nah, I can't win my own contest. You won when Jak repeated.
[16/04/22 18:40] Fyrd Argentus:I'm just a shill.
[16/04/22 18:41] Ailith:Aww I don't want to win *pouts*
[16/04/22 18:41] Ailith: *gets distracted* oo plushies!
[16/04/22 18:41] Fyrd Argentus:Well, you now have 6 points towards the grand literary prize.
[16/04/22 18:41] Fyrd Argentus:In a sense, you have not won yet.
[16/04/22 18:41] Ailith:ok good
[16/04/22 18:41] :Ailith nods, satisfied
[16/04/22 18:41] Fyrd Argentus:I guess I ought to be posting the running scores....
[16/04/22 18:44] :[Spell] Little birdies, report to Fyrd Argentus

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