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Where can i create a ritual?


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Hi everyone!

I am new, just got out of the story mode.

I am trying to create a new ritual to use when defending and one to use when attacking, and i was wondering:

- where can i do that, if i dont want to fight someone to get to the menu? So far the only way i have been able to acces the rituals menu is by fighting someone... is there any other way?

- Why do a lot of people use a single creature to defend?

I might add some other questions later...

Thanks in advance for any answers!


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I'm pretty new myself, but I would think that they only use one creature to defend because they want to lose sometimes, and then they only have to restore one creature or they could just be new and only have one creature. As for the ritual, I've only been able to figure out the same that you have, which is setting it during an attack mode. If you find a way let me know!


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