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Halloween Costume Contest

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Anyone wishing to "dress up" should choose a world-famous figure (fiction or non-) and PM me the name for approval.  Ideally, some of your RP items should be clues - that is, your costume.  Also, anybody "dressing up" will be given one common RP item from my inventory to complement their character, my choice but you can make suggestions.

Post in this thread the fact that you are dressing up, what RP items constitute your costume, and anything else you'd like to add.  You may give clues (must be true but can be misleading) to other players in chat but not in PM's (on your honor).  If you don't give good enough clues, nobody will guess.

Your post here is an invitation for people to come ask you for clues...

Whoever guesses your identity gets 1 silver from my inventory for each guess it took to ID you, up to 15 max (1 gold).  If you get at least as many wrong guesses as RP items in your costume (please document) then you get that many silver, up to maximum of 15, or alternatively you get 15sc (1 gold) if you get 15 wrong guesses regardless of your costume.

Whoever gets the MOST wrong guesses by Halloween, before being identified, gets a wishpoint, provided it was at least 15.

Please edit your forum entry to show any and all developments, ASAP (before Halloween in any case) .... clues given, wrong (or right guesses), etc.....  Guessers are also welcome to start a post in this thread about their guesses and edit it with information as such develops.

Contest winners will be announced on Halloween.  Prizes to follow (even if I have to sell stuff...)

About my stuff available.... https://magicduel.com/member.php?p=Fyrd_Argentus

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For this contest I am wearing:
Columbina venetian mask
A black rose
Mechanical heart
Wax gear
Book on human anatomy

A shoe

*Twirls around showing his costume*

And as a first clue:
I practice botany.

Second clue:
A pope was one of my employers.

Third clue:
The Sun does not move.

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