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I've read the Necrovion forum, and they've been talking about that, they want to have something really extreme. The abominatons, merged from two creatures, or creatures turned evil (i wanna have a dark knator... :)), or something like that. I think the Golemus Golemicarum shall have an option like this as well: add-ons.

First idea:

This would be mechanic, semi-arcanic implants, used to create half-mechanic creatures. For example, if someone has an Young Savage Knator, he can use a mechanic build-up on it, making a Mecha-Knator I. This creature will need 2 times the XP and age to upgrade as the simple Knator, but instead it will be much more powerful. The add-on shall create a special new creature, with other values than the Knator.

For example the Mecha-Knator 3 (merged from Adult Knator) shall have:

Adult Knator Mecha-Knator III

Vitality: 1200 1500 (+25%)

Attack: 80 88 (+10%)

Defence: 16 16 (0%)

Initiative: 3 3 (no mod)

Or something like this. They would be not so much powerful changes, but at higher levels, maybe this will mean more.

In this topic, i think we should research something upgrade like this, for GG guild members, or for allied players.

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Well I know there are quite a Few creatures that Are Ready (I think they are at least...) but have yet to Be implemented. I assume these will be Available eventually in Necro and Golemus...

A little while ago something (I'm not telling what) Spurred me to come up with an Idea for a New Creature. What I came up With was a Creature that works with Golemus. I even developed a Little Narrative about How I Discovered this Creature... (Note this is Just my Own creation, I can Only hope the Idea is good enough to Be considered one day...)

The Narrative:

Clockwork Golem

After many weeks of Studying the Sun in the Balcony of the Sun, I decided it was time for me to Find some Shadier areas to explore. Having recently gained access to Loreroot I decided that it was the best place to find some Shade.

While cooling off Amongst the Trees I happened upon an Interesting building by the name of Lore Manor. Inside it looked like a Small library with many Ancient Tomes…

Though its size was Nothing compared to the Archives, I decided to see what Books lay on the Shelves. The topics I found ranged far and wide, from planning a Garden to Legends of Creatures found in Loreroot… I even found a Book of Nature Poetry.

One book caught my Interest. I found it far in the back, with no Label, Shoved behind other books. Inside was a text I couldn’t quite read, though it had some Sketches of odd Creatures drawn on later pages… I decided to keep the Tome to myself, and Research it in Secret.

Translation took longer than I expected. It took many Days, and I had to bring small snippets of Text to Renavoid the Archivist so that he could Give me some Books I needed. Keeping it a Secret was difficult, but the fact that it was Another book in a Library kept it from prying eyes.

After all the hard work Translating the Book in Secret I finally began to understand the Language it was written in. It appeared to be the Notes of an Ancient Sage who was Investigating how life Exists in all things… His Notes explored how he had been investigating how Life can be found even in Inanimate things, though it is Weaker than the Life in a Human, animal, or even Plant. However it seems he had begun to find ways to strengthen that Life Force through Magic…

Though many Pages of the Text were Worn, and some parts on Readable I was able to gather that this Sage had created the first Golem, and was finding ways to Animate all matter of Materials… His Golems, once created, had the ability to Strengthen other Creatures by Strengthening the Life Force of those Creatures. His Golems were also able to Learn and Grow, both in Intelligence and Power…

As I realized the Potential of this Book my hands shook, with this Book it might be possible to recreate this Sages Golems! His Spells and Formulas, though Faded and Worn, were for the most part still Readable. I was now obsessed with the Book, and spent every waking hour Copying Notes attempting to Learn the Sage’s method.

Eventually I came to a Point where Reading wasn’t enough, the Time had come to begin Experimentation. Fortunately I have a secret place where I construct my Telescopes and other Astronomical devices, and I moved my work on the Golems there. In fact I had a fair amount of experience constructing small devices, and had even Experimented a little with Clockwork devices. These are small Machines that can be Wound up and they seem to Spring to Life…

The similarities between these Clockwork devices and the Golems was too close for me to Ignore. In fact I theorized that by combining the Machinery of Clockwork and the Magic’s of Golems I could create a totally new Creature.

I write this all down as I prepare to Cast the first Spell, I don’t know if this will Actually create this Clockwork Golem, or if it will all backfire. I simply wanted to record my Research thus far, I have no Idea of this will result in Something New, or will fail horribly. All I can do is Begin….

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A unique creature for every (or just 1 or 2) alliance is out of the question. The only reasonable thing I can think of is to have a creature that has certain abilities depending on the alliance ( more attack for GG, more regen for Lore etc). But not a special creature. It may have let's say a different aspect depending on the alliance but that's it. Also this creature should be available to neutral players (without the bonuses of course). And the reasons are obvious.

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Aww common lol, lets make Golemus the home to reptiles...since there is already a drachorn lair there...we can have rock dragons or smthing...i dont know...or we can have...something...connected to the research ive done on Golemus.

I say we should choose what to make GG inhabited by, theres *humans-Golemicians who are stone now* and there are many other strange being but the most obvious is the drachorns...? So something related to them mb?

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