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In honor of...

Calyx of Isis

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Meiche has stepped down as my apprentice and second in command. Let it be known that the dojo would not be what it is had I not had her companionship, criticism, ideas, and assistance both before and during the creation of the dojo. Let archivists and historians record her important role in the founding of the dojo. Without her it would never have been.

The dojo was a hazy idea in my head for over two weeks before it's creation. Meiche and I would talk about our frustrations. She would complain about not being able to do something and I would reply something like, "There you go, The Way of the Dojo, Lesson #4!"

Many of my initial ideas were quite impractical. It was Meiche who popped each one of those idea balloons and focused me on practical ideas. Even the two initial dojo locations were her idea. She had talked me down from seven locations, to three, then to one. But where to put that one dojo, No Man's Land or Marind's Bell. I remember the moment when she suggested we take both sides of the gates. It was a brilliant idea that exploded in my mind like a flash bulb. It was the first time I knew the dojo could be real.

Lastly, the first week of the dojo was absolutely grueling. Without Meiche, Tarquinus, Elias, Sol, Perrobotillo, and Envy standing by my side I would have given up as it was totally draining me. Meiche and I, I think we each put in the hours so as to not let down the other. I know I dragged my butt to the computer because I could not leave her there alone. Then these others joined us and we survived that first five days.

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Wow thanks for mentioning me ^^

At first I thought the dojo would be not be as successful as it is today... but after working with the other helpers, Calyx and meiche, I found out how determined they were.

Congrats to the dojo and thanks to all the people that abided the rules :D

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I would like to thank Calyx for this flattering post.

I would also like to thank all those who have been vital in making the dojo a success. I regret that currently, I do not have the time to commit to being a proper dojo appretice. I still wish to support the dojo in anyway that I can, and make no mistake I still plan to help there when I can.

I am very proud to have been a part of this project that has been supported by so many players. There are so many people who have worked hard to make this place what it is today. We have gone from nothing, to the most busy spot on the map. Through Calyx's hard work, we have also gained official notice in the adventure log.

The dojo has truly surpassed my expectations. I am greatful to have been a part of it from the beginning.

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