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M B: Obituaries

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Today many have been slain, not even in the name of war, but in the testing of war. I say my life is worth more, and will not give it so lightly. Corpses and dead leave a trail from deep under Marind Bell to all the lands that surround. There are ghosts in Loreroot, Necrovia, even just outside the gates of our city.

I put this here as warning. Today easy offers to alliance have been given, avoid them; they are only a sure ticket to death. Those who would survive, stay strong in your independance and seek others of like mind.

We know this of death so far. Those who are dead cannot move. They show no stats or creatures. They cannot attack and cannot be seen in the list of those present. They can be seen only when they choose to speak, and of themselves only a tombstone may be seen. When your creatures and VE are lost, you too will share this fate.

You are promised the place of lab rat. You are promised resurrection, but when? Being unallianced itself is no way to stop death. Though they make the biggest target, they are not the only ones to fall today.

I ask those who have not already made a quick decision to join me. Not to follow me, not to follow my footsteps, or my mission. Follow me in this only: survive.

The deathstalker walks and his name is DST. Run quickly from him. I know he holds powers, and suspect he may be able to attack in Sanctuary, but have no confirmation of this. Remember too, while DST plays the reaper, any player may lay you low. Set no defense that will damage your army. Simple weak rits will preserve your health. I myself have set several one creature defenses to hold death at bay.

The end of this list is considered as memorial. All responses to my thoughts, as well as the list of your fallen friends are welcome here.

Calyx of Isis

Sage Woman







Azrael Dark


Dimik King

King Bull


Glor Damar

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Well, heed my warning. Anything can happen. I had a single crit def too, with 0 bound vitality, but that single lost fight still kills me. That means, run whenever you can, def rits would not, by any means, protect you from death..

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i manage to escape from dst :D but some how non alliance player can still kill me?

any way when is this war testing thing ends?

it reduce Magic duel the game in to magic duel the chat... :D

i can only chat... nothing to do... just watching people pass by and asking "what happen?"

frustrating in short.

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Ah. so my friends meiche, Sol, and Calyx of Isis has fallen too.. =b Anyways, GlorDamar seems to be victim no.1 today.

Oh well, as the Seeker of Knowledge, I am using this opportunity to experiment with the spirit realm. There should be many intereting things here. Maybe I could learn something from ancient ghosts.. If only I could reach whisper alley.. Well, at least I died at the dojo, so I can still chat with a lot of people =)

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Hey....i would recomend you staying near populated areas at least is a sure way to be revived........imagine if you died at mistletoe bridge?Not to mention you can still talk to people.

Hope Calyx is already alive........the dojo is going through a hell with her....

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