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"Wanted Dead or alive"


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This is an idea as to uphold the community standads regarding the Dojo and other subjects.

I sugest there be made a "Wanted List" where people who repeatedly break the commuity rules are placed. Once on the list the playername will be shown in another colour in the playerlog for faster and easier identification. For the people on the "Wanted List" they will no longer be protected in sanctuarys as to make it harder for them to hide. There should also be put bounties on their head (like a temproary stat or Vp/Ve boost, some kind of spell mabye) so that other players would want to chase them. When the player have atoned for his sins, mabye after he's been dealt with or have regretted his/hers actions they will be put of the list.. In addition, the attackers will not recive any negative honour for defeating the beforementioned player even tough that would normaly be the case. By doing this the rulebreakers should quickly give up (i hope). Of course, if the players crime(s) are severe enough there sould be dealt more punishment if this doesn't work.

I Welcome any aditions or corrections that you may have about this, just PM me whenever and i'll consider adding it ^^

I also thought that this idea could be used in RPG-Events, like "The notorious *playername(s)* have once again stolen several valuable items from Willows Shop. Willow will reward anyone who would be able to return theese items." And mabye when someone have gotten one (or several) of the mentioned items, he/she will be targeted as they tries to get the reward from Willow in order to make it more exiting, sort of like a game of tag. If that is too easy then mabye there could be an objective to hold on to the item(s) until a timelimit.

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Maybe other players are expressing theyr (as much as it is) Fredom.

Are you telling me that you wanna be more Confortable ?

Shall we burn some caracter for sorcery? For ataking in a unfair manner?

We install some vigilantes and form a National Guard?

The other Idea is GENIAL! I wanna (pleeease ) I wanna be able to steel from Willow Shop. Even if the whole bunch of Playng-by-the-rule caracters are beaten me in sanctuaryes two days after.

I would try to steal from MD shop but it is illegal!

In my culture the Hero is the shepard not the Donkey.

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I don't like this Idea as a Form of Punishment, But perhaps as a Sort of Contest or something it would be Interesting.

I Imagine it similar to the Heads Contest, but Not so General. Like maybe a Special Kind of Head (or Whatever), that is very Rare and Grants a Boost to the Person who Has it.

The reason why I don't agree with it as a Punishment is because the Dojo is a Community based feature, it is Supported by Mur only in that he likes the Idea, but it is up to the Community (Us) to make it work.

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But ninjunny the problem is:the ones that obey rules are the ones who lose more,we cant attack without asking and if we attack wodin would kill us and stat decrease,coz manu aproved the idea...and if we dont stand by ourselves we get bashed by strong players,and its not about freedom its about gameplay.do you think its right to someone with more than 20k of ve attack someone with barely 500?They wont get any xp or skills,they are just for the win,this balance system sometimes its a curse....

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I think like Bootes; I don't like the idea of having bounties put on dojo-rule breakers specifically, at least not automatically, for the reasons he said (I ended up elaborating below :P). However, I think it'd be appealing to be able to put a bounty on other players for whatever reason, including personal grudges for things from insults to breaking of dojo rules. For a price, though. Maybe a lot of VP or AP.

The dojo is a liberty.. I don't think it should constrict other players who don't ever use its services and want to play in a certain style (namely attacking anyone they see for their own benefit, to gain strength independently and weaken competition). That's why I like it the way it is: a community effort, enforced by players rather than the game. That gives room for players to break the rules, which I do say, is good!

Stronger players preying on weaker players? It seems natural enough. That's how we all start out: training weak creatures on newer newbies or those with low VE, gradually progressing even though players stronger than ourselves were doing the same to us. I don't dislike it because it's realistic and it presents a challenge. Others who dislike it should feel free to take measures ingame to discourage it, things like putting a bounty on specific players if this idea becomes realized and just attacking out of spite or spamming inboxes with complaints/warnings if it doesn't. That sort of thing is realistic as well and presents additional cons to a specific game style, adding to challenge and depth.

Don't get me wrong--I think the dojo is great; the players who contribute to the effort show great initiative in order to create something they dreamed of, an ability to play with other players cooperatively for the benefit of all involved. I just don't think it should be enforced by game rules and penalties, because others should be allowed to play how they like as well. (Btw, I didn't hear anything like Wodin attacking people for not participating in the dojo, and if he does, I strongly disapprove for the same reasons said. Wodin is practically part of the game because of his special powers as an rpc--thus that sort of punishing attack is like enforcement by the game. Now, if it were as part of his role and according to his roleplaying personality, I don't mind as much.)

Balance, you say? The balance system is always a curse, because it's screwed up and has been for a while. If you want to discourage stronger players from preying on weaker players, you really ought to fix the balance system before trying other things, because in the first place it was meant to do exactly that but actually does the opposite. Not to mention it totally screws up the whole combat system. I warn other players: if you talk about balance, you may trigger a rant (longer than this) by yours truly. I've done it before.

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Im not saying strong players attacking weaker ones,im saying taking advantage from people that already tecniacaly dead,or you think its right attacking someone online with 8 vit on each creature?And for most of the people that frequents the dojo i allow lots of things even attacking iddle people but there are somo of the dojo breakers that made an sport out of that,i `ve been attacked 9 times in a row by a player do you think its right?I dont,coz i dont aim in one player only(except when i knw he wants losses,then it wouldnt be bad)what i cant take its people that attacks in the dojo sometimes comes in and when get attacked just complain,if you are talking about restraining people hell its just one place that is really populate its easy just kill outside of the dojo,there are tons of players who are weak and keeps walking around yet i dont see a point in attacking only weak players coz most of the olders players put one creature rit(normally a healer to protect their main rit) then why only main on the obvious when you can get much more xp and skill from others.

Obs.:What you said is true but has two sides why they cant obey rules if we want to obey,there are two ideas there and both are being ignored,the only diference is that the dojo only ocupies one place people claims that the dojo is unfair coz limits the areas,but how many areas exists in the game without the dojo?I can count more than 10...yes its unfair to the ones that doesnt know how to make roles the ones that usually dont really work on the game improving him by the roleplay or even help people,they are just click and continue players like mafia games,the ones that are being punished by wanting only one place where you can train in peace are the ones with roles,like peneope,elias,Calyx,riddick,blaze and so many others that suport the idea.

I dont think its unfair to let people who train the dojo ground have their vegeance,since the ones who attack in the dojo kill at least 3 people and end up with low vit then go to sanctuary to heal themselves to do again,we could at least stop those types of behaviour that pretty much discourage people who are starting or that get sick of selfish people.

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Everyone has mentioned that the dojo is a community supported effort. I agree and support a list of regular offenders there.

I think the actual official placing of a bounty or bonus on the player is wrong, however. That's game support, not community support.

Let's make a list. One that is cleared by dojo staff, not by random people who dislike so-and-so. Let's put it up. The members of the community can decide for themselves whether or not it's worth their time to track those people down. If you don't, fine. If you do, hope it makes you feel good.

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Glaistig you say that because you're an MP5 , Queen of the hill, over the top, oh & because if you don't agree you could loose your LHO stats; it's easy for big shots like you not to see it like it is; not everyone has what it takes to make it to the top But that doesn't mean they have to be punished for it & last time I checked an RPG of ANY kind it's an enjoyable game for everyone and not only a handful. But then again you're a kid trying to make it in an adult's world; perhaps if those that are on the top would remember what it was to be weak & an Mp3 they would consider FirceFire Idea.

P.S. This should be taken as Constructive criticism.

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@Treehill, I do think that it's a perfectly fine to allow that "selfish" style ingame. It's a genuine gameplay style, one that has its own cons and pros, one con being that others like you will consider it selfish and punishable. The pros are that you don't hinder yourself and get all the stats you want while weakening competition.. believe it or not, wins are just as valuable as fights with lotsa VE to be taken, if not more. You say why when you can attack others who might give more, but they say why when you can attack all?

Let me repeat that I think it's perfectly fine, as well, to take vengeance on such players for that gameplay. I just don't think it's right for the game itself, rather than the players, to punish players for having a specific style.

@BlooddMoon, I think you're mistaken about some things. New and weak mp5s have as much if not more trouble as newbies competing against the stronger players in their mindpower. I'm considered one of the weakest mp5s, just a tad bit above the newest to the mp. I have about 300 attack and have a lot to learn in combat. Eden, a mp5, has 2705 attack and is far more experienced in strategy. Eden is about the "King of the Hill" but many in mp5 aren't too far behind him. Don't think that I'm biased because of my progress in the game.

Nor because of my position as LHO.. LHOs really don't get any benefits. We get a few free credits when we first sign up and two spells: frogspeak and teleport to Paper Cabin. Both aren't really useful except in our jobs. To back up the idea that I don't really treasure being LHO for the sake of the position ingame rather than helping, I can tell you that I offered to quit my position just last weekend, since I'm growing less active and feel like I don't help out as much as I should. I can provide you the chatlogs of that conversation with Jonn if you demand it.

Besides that, I wouldn't lose my LHO position for disagreeing with game policies. Nor are game policies about this set, so it's not like I can disagree with anything in the first place. MagicDuel isn't that sort of game where we're closed to ideas--we support new ideas. MagicDuel isn't that sort of game which fires people in LHO-like positions for saying things that others dislike. I'm just a regular member who's expressing my genuine opinion in a discussion after considering a proposal; I don't say that my opinion is better than any other's, I just support it.

Now that I've cleared that up, I would like to respond to some points you made. I think the game shouldn't please just a handful either--and that's what I'm saying! The dojo-participants have their right to operate, but so do players who want to play in a "selfish" style. I don't dislike the idea of the players wreaking their own vengeance on players who play in a certain style. I dislike the idea of the game endorsing only a single style. Thus I like FirceFire's idea about bounties, but I don't think they should be put automatically on players who break dojo rules by the game: players should have to put the bounties themselves for a price.

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first of all @ blood moon: glaistig is not telling the truth, at least not the whole truth^^

with his 300 attack (and his other stats, which i know from watching his profile) he/she's really not one of the storngest mp5 players, but a long way from as weak as he tells you here xD

i myself have quite miserable stats for an mp5 ( 120 att, 200 def, all the other things 40 or less) but still manage to play good because i sozialize with people! All you have to do is finding someone who needs anything (easy wins on critters or losses are best to give away at my postion, as i'm very very very off-balance atm (400 win to 600 losses)) and then get something back from time to time, example: ghost hunter was asking for victorious battles a few weeks ago, and seeing a chance, i started to attack him with a rit that could never possible win and that gave him a vic almost everytime. Lateron, he tried to get losses, which i happily gave him. Now he remembers my name, and whenever we meet, he kindly uses his amazing vit to give me easy xp, which are very hard to acquire for me in regular battles atm, making me stronger than i could ever have grown without help!

All that stupid babbling is just to say that everyone can win when one finds helpers, and i know very few people who can grow really strong on his / her own.

to come back to the idea: i dislike the idea of bounty-hunting people who violate the dojo, it really is enough punishment if those people don't get help in the dojo, which they will need in the long run. Even if they have a friend who helps them, there will come a time when one freind alone is not enough for that player, and everybody who thinks he can manage on his /her own, here's a warning: i tried to do that, and it didn't get me anywhere except on the hate list of the folks i killed!!!

And meanwhile, you really need to set up defence rits ( yeah i know it's hard if you have no high elemental and no high tree, but it can be done) to save your critters from being killed while training, you have 16 slots and can only use 6 critters in a training rit, so it shouldn't be a real problem, seeing that not many people attack in the dojo like madmen^^

p.s.: there's n o need for a def rit to stand chances to win!! just set a fresh grasan and let him die in a 0%-vit rit, there's no need to set a def rit that wins the incoming battles, because that WON'T WORK, there's always people who can bash you with no troubles at all^^

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LHOs really don't get any benefits. We get a few free credits when we first sign up and two spells: frogspeak and teleport to Paper Cabin.

I want to Point out that this is FAR more than I received when I became an RPC. The only Ability I've received since becoming and RPC is the Ability to make Quests and award WPs. Also the Inner Document Which is cool, but in Practice actually means that I have to Use up alot of My time Reading PM's and alot of my Heat casting the Spell. *Sorry bit of a Rant there*

I dont think its unfair to let people who train the dojo ground have their vegeance,since the ones who attack in the dojo kill at least 3 people and end up with low vit then go to sanctuary to heal themselves to do again,we could at least stop those types of behaviour that pretty much discourage people who are starting or that get sick of selfish people.

Treehill I agree with you here, But as Glai and I said before, I don't think Adding a Game Mechanic is the Answer. I suggest more Along the Lines of what Penelope Suggested. Make a list, Keep a Track of those how Choose to Consider the Dojo their own Free Range, and Mercilessly Attack them whenever you see them.

perhaps if those that are on the top would remember what it was to be weak & an Mp3

Blood, we do Remember. Back then it was Kill or Be Killed, there was no Area with even a Little support of being Safe. If you wanted to Heal with someone you had to talk it out in a Sanctuary and Find a place that worked. Also heading to Unpopulated areas worked well. When I was a new MP3 I had to Struggle just like everyone else Searching for those with low VE so I could level my Creatures.

And as Glai said, MP5 is a Whole new Ballgame. There is a Huge Variety of Rituals out there, and you are Forced through a rough Learning Curve (I may be an RPC, but I'm a Weak MP5). As Burns said the thing to do is Socialize, you do find that if you are Kind and give people wins and Exp they are more willing to do the Same for you.

I would like to Say that I DO Support the Dojo, I think it is a Great way for New Players to Socialize and Learn a little about how the Battle system works. Ideally it would be Great if no One attacked without Permission and it was like a Sanctuary with Learning. Reality, however, is less then Ideal. There will be people Praying on the Weak, and Idle.

My Suggestions:

- Don't Consider the Dojo 100% Safe. Keep some Dummy Defenses up to protect from Random Attackers.

- Go to the Dojo to find Someone who Wants to help Heal you. Agree on a Remote place to Preform the Healing Rituals, that way you can Repeat the Rituals as many Times as you need.

- Talk to Players at the Dojo, Learn who is there regularly, and who is there to Help.

- When you find yourself at Full VE, and Need someone to Attack, wait for these people who Take advantage of the Dojo, and then Take advantage of the Fact that they just Weakened themselves.

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sound like fun I say why not let these who do not follow the rules get attacked the same way as they attack

YES we can do!

I'm in.

I respected this rule (till now) but if there is gonna be a man-hunt (creature-hunt what ever) I'm not quite sure in which side is gonna be more fun.

Just think about: using tricks to mix the traces, having friends on the way to weaken the folowers,

YeahOOO !!

I will upgrade my internet connnection.

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