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Creature Development.


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Hello to all of MDForums, my name is Ckrono, and my playername is the same too. 6 days in MagicDuel has made me feel the friendliness of this game, and i'm attracted to it. While in the game, i've realised that creatures were lacking in more intricate development, and they are mere tools for your rituals and battles.

I sincerely feel that they should be given a Role, a kind of future for them or a destiny, of course, not giving them A.I, but their masters actions and decisions towards them or towards others (and they are witnessing it) will affect the creatures. Not trying to indicate that they should be given "Feeding Time" or whatever, I'm referring to something deeper, where they develop their stats and character through the master's actions, e.g when the master does loads of bad deeds, craves for power, his/her creature will develop a cold, evil personality, its specific stat will grow (e.g Master uses magic alot, its magicpower will increase too, or master uses brute strength, it will develop strength, so on).

If possible, a born creature may have a base personality, and if the master strays too much from the personality the creature has, it might result in drastic events like e.g the creature was a malign one to begin with, but its master is a kind and helpful person, eventually it evolves into a strong, angelic creature to serve its kind master for good, and vice versa. It really gives a whole new experience towards creature development, and it might do good to players who feel for the creatures, like me.

This idea was roughly thought out while i was staring at my creature page, and i decided to manifest it into a better idea for the future of the MD creatures. I hope the relevant admins would take great care into reading this development path for the creatures.


Thanks for taking time to read my writeup idea.


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i would like to see the guys who have had the other similar ideas get together and brainstorm and make one post where they accumulate all the ideas

i also think the easiest way which would still take a lot of coding would be to have some kind of growth tree where at certain points say you attacked too many people that give you high -honor then you have a creature refuse to fight for you til you get honor back or other things and if you don it makes a choice in its growth tree

and so forth

tho i think this would need to be done only with newly obtained creats as the ones who have already gone through the growth would be unchangeable

that's my 2c

The Metal Mage

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This might be an Interesting Idea, but how you go about it can vary quite a bit.

I'd suggest this might be a very Interesting Idea for a Premium Creature, but might be too much for Every creature.

I can see the Idea of a "tree" type evolution working, but that quickly involves a lot of Artwork for one Creature, Possible, but not very timely.

An Idea I have is that the Creatures stats get a boost based on your own Stats. You would add all the Base Stat numbers up, then divide each Stat by that Number (so you get Percentage of each Stat, this way avoids those with Large stats getting more bonus than an MP3 who buys the creature Early). Then when you upgrade this Creatures it's stats Increase by the same percentage as your own.

Just to throw out more Ideas.

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This idea is very good... :P

The creatures then could have a more important role in the story of a player...

But as TheNinjunny said, if it is for every creature, it will involve a lot of work... so, it could be tested and/or implemented firstly only on the premium creatures...

I think this could be only to make creature more close or more distant from a player, if he respect or not the creature personality...
creature personality could be made with some kind of stats like the player has... and that stats could be evolved by the player when the creature leveled as we can make to evolve the player stats through the story...

I don't know if u understand me... :huh::)

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I guess you mistake this with pokemon xD
all our creatures don't really exist as far as i get it, they are just spells that we can concentrate on and that consume our powers while fighting, that's the only way i can imagine loosing vitality when fighting, it's consumed by the concentration we need to keep our creature-spells there to defend us

That's also the reason why creatures use our stats to fight, they are only products of our mind and nothing more, so i guess if they have a soul or brains, it's our own and not "theirs"

so the creature's can't grow different ways for respecting them or for hating them, they just grow, and maybe, they could gain more stats if the player has one stat really high as bootes suggested, but i think that will bring problems with the damage-dealers, if i only imagine dst could make an archer that gets more damage for the attack he has himself... :P

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