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Draw, sculpt, create your own hell hound Bday version

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Here is an update to the rules please read carefully as some things have been changed for this Bday Anni Version 



 Birthday bash Draw create sculpt create your own hell hound 




{{{{{Any mind power welcome. You MUST have your player name  and ID in each stage of each picture . (doesn't matter how as long as its there)}}}}

{{{{{MUST have at least 3 pictures minimum}}}}

Deadline for entry ends 24hrs after the last day of the Anni




{{{{Your are to DRAW / SCULPT / OR CREATE what you think the hell hound/s looks like while having a birthday party.  Once you have done this you have to upload 3 pictures to this feed.. Do this how you see them. what they'd look like to you. }}}






RULE #1 <<You must have your player name in your Drawings or sculpture or creation. (this is for authentication purposes)


RULE#2 <<NO ALTS (only one account per player.) This Bday version welcomes all past participants in the official version of this quest. 

RULE#3<< Must have 3 pictures of the drawings sculpture or creation with player name and ID 


RULE #4 YOU MUST state what Inspired you, maybe give it a small back story.


Things you can use to DRAW / SCULPT / CREATE with:

 {{ pencil, color pencil, ink pens, markers , paint, chalk, oil pastels, clay, paper, food, wood , metal, ect.. whatever you can imagine 

If you own a dog I'll even allow a costume and bday themed setting for your pupper as a "live/living creation" but not rules 3 and 4 still apply to this 



 < Judging>


Judging will be based on your effort. I understand that everyone is not a artist, don't let this discourage you. This is almost a 100% guarantee win. PLEASE be original, do not copy something you see on Google. Copying someone else's work can lead to you redoing this quest. So be original let it flow. 

The top prizes of the top 3 winners of this version will also be judged by the community by up and down votes of their entry post.  These 3 players will receive extra plushies 



Each participant whom finished will receive 

1 Anniversary crit of this year

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If you have not done the original version here


Then I encourage you to do the original as well and also gain a WP for completing the original version as well

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