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Lighthouse, Boating, and other discussions on The Final Final day of MD's 18th birthday


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As below:

[06/05/23 22:29] Fyrd Argentus:I think players should be able to attack UP the MP chain, but still not down.
[06/05/23 22:29] Chewett:What happens about if they attack Ledah?
[06/05/23 22:29] Fyrd Argentus:MP3/4 should be made aware they can dump HS via Willow's shop, and gain it via Bug Gardens. Work either way, but...
[06/05/23 22:30] jakubhi:we put a warning sign on Ledah
[06/05/23 22:30] Fyrd Argentus:They'll learn to ask first. Heck, I only hit Aia 2-3 times before I learned.
[06/05/23 22:30] Ledah:That sounds reasonable
[06/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:I would enjoy making a labyrinthian ocean journey to get from GG to GWI and back again. The building of stuff on either end is optional.
[06/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:The sea monsters could be added to....
[06/05/23 22:32] Fyrd Argentus:... over time by any A25.
[06/05/23 22:33] jakubhi:I think the ocean route has a huge potential
[06/05/23 22:33] Fyrd Argentus:And we'd have to discuss what to exempt MP5 from on GWI.
[06/05/23 22:34] Fyrd Argentus:Actually, the movement over ocean could be somewhat randomized... hmm.
[06/05/23 22:35] jakubhi:The weather would be actually useful for something, other than collecting rain water
[06/05/23 22:35] Fyrd Argentus:I'd launch from the existing boat on GG - the lighthouse project is something else... a communication means, perhaps, or a way to view GWI map from there.
[06/05/23 22:35] jakubhi:and the possibility to add role tags like sailor and captain
[06/05/23 22:36] Fyrd Argentus:Revive the boat build on GWI...
[06/05/23 22:37] Aksel:you can get heat with garden?
[06/05/23 22:37] jakubhi:we would need to get people there first. There are.. 5 of us that can get there ? 6 ?
[06/05/23 22:37] Fyrd Argentus:You can get lots of things from the Bug Garden, Aksel.
[06/05/23 22:37] Fyrd Argentus:That's one.
[06/05/23 22:38] :Aksel passed Tormented Soul card to Fyrd Argentus
[06/05/23 22:38] Aksel:I figured that cards ain't my thing either
[06/05/23 22:38] Fyrd Argentus:So do you want 4 silver?
[06/05/23 22:39] Aksel:not really but alright
[06/05/23 22:39] jakubhi:would there be some public quest/task to revive the boat?
[06/05/23 22:44] Aksel:...
[06/05/23 22:46] jakubhi:...
[06/05/23 22:46] :Ledah sneezes
[06/05/23 22:46] jakubhi:bless you
[06/05/23 22:47] Ssclorp:Did you see that? Fyrd just got sucked up in a digital storm.
[06/05/23 22:47] Ledah:Thank you
[06/05/23 22:48] Ssclorp:Or was it ledah’s sneeze?
[06/05/23 22:48] jakubhi:are you going to translate us Fyrd's messages, Ssclorp?
[06/05/23 22:48] Aksel:soooo gibraltar is spanish, corsica is italian, malta is french... how did it all go wrong?
[06/05/23 22:49] Ssclorp:My translation devices are poor at best. Humidity too low.
[06/05/23 22:50] jakubhi:Anyway, I think we could agree that we should work on the sea journey between GWI and Mainland, with or without the lighthouse, yes ?
[06/05/23 22:50] :jakubhi looks at everyone present
[06/05/23 22:51] jakubhi: (I have 0 vitale Ledah, the next time you attack I will self-defense-smack-you)
[06/05/23 22:51] Ssclorp:Happy to help with the underwater parts
[06/05/23 22:52] jakubhi:..are there going to be underwater parts ?
[06/05/23 22:52] : Blackshade Rider rolled the die!
[06/05/23 22:52] : 5
[06/05/23 22:52] Ssclorp:Only if your boat sinks. I understand your technology is primitive.
[06/05/23 22:53] jakubhi:Well, a possible new way to die, I guess
[06/05/23 22:54] Aksel:life is overrated, death has honey
[06/05/23 22:54] jakubhi:I think there are endless posibilities what to include in the boat journey, new spells, tags, areas, labyrinth like paths. But
[06/05/23 22:54] jakubhi:what should we focus on at the start? What is the base of this project?
[06/05/23 22:55] : Obrac rolled the die!
[06/05/23 22:55] : 5
[06/05/23 22:55] jakubhi: (if it really happens, but let me assume for now)
[06/05/23 22:55] Chewett:One of the problems with this plan is the complexity however
[06/05/23 22:56] Ssclorp:Excuse me, I am drying out. This place is hot. Bye.
[06/05/23 22:57] :[Spell] whack Ledah
[06/05/23 22:57] jakubhi:Sorry. Could you explain the complexity a bit more ?
[06/05/23 22:58] Chewett:The wcee
[06/05/23 23:00] jakubhi:wcee ?
[06/05/23 23:05] Chewett:Sorry, you end up with a laberinth type area which has a lot of complexity, scenes, but also not much replay value
[06/05/23 23:05] Chewett:When was the last time you went into the lab?
[06/05/23 23:06] Chewett:I like the idea, with some more prototyping we could consider reviewing it
[06/05/23 23:06] Chewett:But it does have some complexity associated with it
[06/05/23 23:08] jakubhi:I was hoping we could start with something simple, on which there would be the possibility to build up to make it more complex with time
[06/05/23 23:08] Chewett:Oh yeah we could certainly! So what would the start look like?
[06/05/23 23:09] jakubhi:Say, we create a simple journey at first. What are we working with, is there actually a scene with board ?
[06/05/23 23:09] : Else rolled the die!
[06/05/23 23:09] : 5
[06/05/23 23:09] jakubhi:I am not sure if there are any hidden things related to the board
[06/05/23 23:10] Chewett:A scene with board?
[06/05/23 23:10] jakubhi:From what I heard, there was a boat at GWI which is hidden and unused ?
[06/05/23 23:11] Chewett:I'm not sure about that
[06/05/23 23:11] Blackshade Rider:Would the scene in Golemus where the water mill thing is be a good start? I can't remember the scenes exact name
[06/05/23 23:12] jakubhi:I think we would need 3 new scenes at minimum. Start of journey, the journey with board on the ocean, the end of journey
[06/05/23 23:12] jakubhi:or ?
[06/05/23 23:12] Blackshade Rider:There was a boat on gateway that was rebuildable and could take you off gateway but not take you back
[06/05/23 23:14] Chewett:What I am really saying is, whats the point of it, what are we trying to achieve initially?
[06/05/23 23:14] jakubhi:Um, let me just spam the chat with a few points
[06/05/23 23:15] Blackshade Rider:Well the boat in this case can be used and both ways to leave Gateway and to get there.
[06/05/23 23:15] jakubhi:1) Firstly, a way for a single player to get to GWI, instead of the need to gather people, since with not many active right now, it is very, very hard
[06/05/23 23:16] Blackshade Rider:Both need to be rebuilt before being able to use the one to get to Gateway could be harder to build than the one that leaves Gateway
[06/05/23 23:16] Chewett:Let Jak speak BSR pelase
[06/05/23 23:16] Blackshade Rider:Sorry jak
[06/05/23 23:17] jakubhi: (no problem, I will just list it as I see it and we can change them as we see fit)
[06/05/23 23:18] jakubhi:2) a way for the older (not the newbies) players to exit the island, so they are not stuck there for some days
[06/05/23 23:20] jakubhi:2.5) I would imagine that this way, when newbie appears on the island, given enough time and effort, any player from mainland would be able to help them without having teleport items like me or Fyrd
[06/05/23 23:20] jakubhi:and without the need to log out, join as alt
[06/05/23 23:21] jakubhi:3) There could be rewards for completing the journeys, maybe a random chance for a chest with silver to appear during the journey.
[06/05/23 23:21] : Cavia collects 1 Rainwater
[06/05/23 23:22] jakubhi:which would motivate the people to do the journeys and actually visit the GWI more, other than check on the newbies
[06/05/23 23:23] jakubhi:4) this opens opportunities for future implementations, new resources like fish, fun activities at the boat. But this would be for the future after we see that the boat is actually being used ..
[06/05/23 23:24] jakubhi: (I imagine that there would be a minimum set time for the duration of the journey so it is not too easy, or there could be some fun way to navigate the ship..)
[06/05/23 23:24] jakubhi:but I think I mentioned all the base, immediate functions I imagine it would solve
[06/05/23 23:25] jakubhi:---end ---
[06/05/23 23:26] Chewett:I assume you know its pretty easy to leave the island as a older player right?
[06/05/23 23:26] jakubhi:actually, I think it is not so easy. Do you mean the door way ?
[06/05/23 23:33] jakubhi:Balloon wastes a lot of resources. Arena won't work for old ones. The door takes a lot of time, even more when you want to use it as exit more than once, because you need to progress thought the whole story
[06/05/23 23:33] Chewett:Thats true I guess
[06/05/23 23:35] :Else plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Ledah
[06/05/23 23:35] jakubhi:I imagine there would be a timer on the boat, like in the story, but it should be better than lots of small times like the story has
[06/05/23 23:35] jakubhi:*small timers
[06/05/23 23:36] Chewett:So whats the reason/intention for letting players come/go faster?
[06/05/23 23:36] Chewett:BSR you can obviously comment if you want to, you had some comments
[06/05/23 23:36] jakubhi: (anyone else who wants to say something, please do so too)
[06/05/23 23:40] :Else conquered Ledah and took all ☻432 heads.
[06/05/23 23:41] jakubhi:As for your question. Honestly, I think having a new exit for the old players from GWI is a secondary objective, with the way to ENTER the GWI being the main point of this whole thing
[06/05/23 23:41] Chewett:Ok, so whats the usefulness of being able to go there faster?
[06/05/23 23:41] jakubhi:Well, if they want to help the newbie, if we make it too slow, the newbie might just go idle while they get there ..
[06/05/23 23:42] jakubhi:also, we might not make it faster, we could give it a huge timer, hehe
[06/05/23 23:43] Chewett:Ok so the intention is to help newbies on the island by allowing people to visit easily?
[06/05/23 23:44] jakubhi:Not only, but yes. The intetion is for the players to be able to simply get there if they want to. Gathering 3 other people at current times.. is nearly impossible, so I would say, as of now, there is no way for a player to get there
[06/05/23 23:45] Chewett:Oddly that’s not been my experience, wbener
[06/05/23 23:45] Chewett:Whenever someone has asked to go to then island we have got people pretty fast
[06/05/23 23:46] Chewett:I like the idea of others ways to go over, but possibly we need fixes to the island because people don’t stay long enough to move from the first scene at times!
[06/05/23 23:47] jakubhi:Hmm. So, do you think the boat is good idea, but the island fixes take priority before thath ?
[06/05/23 23:48] Chewett:I think is the main intention is to get to the island quickly to help new people, I think it’s not going to help as much as other suggestions. Maybe we move the tutorial back to the mainland
[06/05/23 23:52] : Obrac rolled the die!
[06/05/23 23:52] : 2
[06/05/23 23:52] Chewett:I assume since BR isn't talking he doesn't have anything to say on your idea!
[06/05/23 23:52] jakubhi: *sighs* Well, the GWI could lose it's main point if the tutorial is moved. And I am not sure how much it would help if the tutorial went to mainland
[06/05/23 23:53] Blackshade Rider: (sorry I am driving atm. Trying to keep up mostly. I'll be home in about 45mims)
[06/05/23 23:53] Chewett:Oh god, bugger off if you are driving
[06/05/23 23:53] Chewett:Please don't kill yourself in a crash
[06/05/23 23:53] jakubhi: (safe travel)
[06/05/23 23:53] Chewett:Just turn MD off
[06/05/23 23:54] jakubhi:I think it would not help to move the tutorial to mainland much.
[06/05/23 23:55] jakubhi:the biggest plus would be that a player could check on on the newbie on the mainland. But that is what the boat is trying to solve
[06/05/23 23:55] Sunfire:it was here for years
[06/05/23 23:55] Chewett:I think it’s an idea but we would need to do a proper tutorial on the mainland
[06/05/23 23:56] jakubhi: (the game was losing the players before the tutorial moved to GWI)
[06/05/23 23:57] jakubhi:There is already stuff on GWI. The things we would need to build on mainland would be redudant. We would have two tutorials, one used and one unused
[06/05/23 23:58] Sunfire:theres stuff in the paper cabin
[06/05/23 23:58] jakubhi:building the boat would be a new feature for old players and might help upgrade the existing tutorial by having older players on the island
[06/05/23 23:59] jakubhi:...a wild thought, but, what about if we moved the story mode a bit? if the player started already in it
[06/05/23 23:59] Chewett:What I was more saying is that we can consider various options
[06/05/23 23:59] Chewett:The "problem" is that the story mode section is/was designed to be a "rare treat" which means going to the island should be tricky. But if we moved it, then possibly thats fine
[07/05/23 00:00] Chewett:I think having a way to travel to/from in different ways would be good
[07/05/23 00:01] jakubhi:well, there are many ways how and where to "move" the story mode, but, do you think it could help attract the people? Chew, Sunfire ?
[07/05/23 00:01] Chewett:IMO I would remake and "fix" the lighthouse as a big event, before the boat building
[07/05/23 00:01] Chewett:From my time on the island, Newbies "fail" at the first hurdle, and having more players around won't really help that IMO
[07/05/23 00:01] Chewett:The first part of the tutorial isn't as helpful as I would like, but I was told by a few people that the tutorial is "fine".
[07/05/23 00:01] Chewett:Thats not what my friends who are game devs said, but thats another thing entirely!
[07/05/23 00:02] Sunfire:most important thing is that we are a browser game and people like fancy colorful games
[07/05/23 00:03] Sunfire:we are quite niche
[07/05/23 00:03] jakubhi:not really. There are quite a lot pure text games with lot of players
[07/05/23 00:03] Chewett:Yeah so the original story really played into this
[07/05/23 00:03] Chewett:The current tutorial, less so
[07/05/23 00:03] Chewett:But you wanted to talk about the boat idea right?
[07/05/23 00:04] :Fyrd Argentus coughs, and speaks dust to leave from the bottom of the hole
[07/05/23 00:04] Fyrd Argentus:That was weird
[07/05/23 00:05] Fyrd Argentus:Blocking story mode is easy
[07/05/23 00:05] jakubhi:I think the lighthouse should be rebuild before the boat. But I believed the boat would help the GWI while lighthouse would not. I was trying to figure out, which should take priority to focus on
[07/05/23 00:05] Fyrd Argentus:Figuring out how to catch peoples interest early and hook them into the game is much harder
[07/05/23 00:06] :Fyrd Argentus coughs again
[07/05/23 00:07] Chewett:Yeah I think the boat won’t help GWI but that’s fair to disagree
[07/05/23 00:07] Fyrd Argentus:The boat will only help if vets use it to go help newbies.
[07/05/23 00:07] Fyrd Argentus:They could be doing that with alts, and are not.
[07/05/23 00:07] Fyrd Argentus:Mostly.
[07/05/23 00:07] jakubhi: *shrugs* I honestly don't really know. Do we want to create some polls? ask if they would use it ?
[07/05/23 00:07] Fyrd Argentus:That is why we have the doorbell...
[07/05/23 00:08] :Fyrd Argentus climbs out of the hole.
[07/05/23 00:08] Fyrd Argentus:That was so weird. Hope it doesn't happen again....
[07/05/23 00:08] :jakubhi pats the dust down from Fyrd
[07/05/23 00:09] :Fyrd Argentus passed Silver coin to Aksel
[07/05/23 00:09] :Fyrd Argentus passed Silver coin to Aksel
[07/05/23 00:09] Chewett:I think regardless of whether it helps GWI, it could be pretty cool
[07/05/23 00:09] :Fyrd Argentus passed Silver coin to Aksel
[07/05/23 00:09] :Fyrd Argentus passed Silver coin to Aksel
[07/05/23 00:10] :Fyrd Argentus feels a tugging, and starts to fade out again.
[07/05/23 00:10] jakubhi:As for both the boat and lighthouse, whichever we start with, I think it gives a chance to go public a bit, to present we still live. Maybe pin a post at the webpage about it
[07/05/23 00:10] Fyrd Argentus:Oh no! Later, all....!
[07/05/23 00:10] jakubhi: (later Fyrd)
[07/05/23 00:10] :Fyrd Argentus dissolves into silcon dust and disappears.
[07/05/23 00:12] Chewett:Later Fyrd!
[07/05/23 00:15] jakubhi:So, to sum it up, right now we agree that both boat and lighthouse are good idea, we just need to choose which to start with ?
[07/05/23 00:18] Sunfire:for us fossils, yes
[07/05/23 00:18] Chewett:Its a good idea to investigate further at least
[07/05/23 00:18] jakubhi: (brb, switching to phone)
[07/05/23 00:18] Chewett:If we can solve some of hte issues
[07/05/23 00:19] Sunfire:for the noobs, we're unsure how to make the tutorial more playerfriendly while sticking to our style
[07/05/23 00:23] jakubhi:Well, we should not focus all our attention on newbies, I guess.
[07/05/23 00:26] jakubhi:I could post a few of my ideas how I imagine the lighthouse rebuilding could go, to get some ideas circling around on the forum
[07/05/23 00:27] jakubhi:Or, do you already have some concrete plans Chew?
[07/05/23 00:30] Chewett:for the lighthouse?
[07/05/23 00:31] jakubhi:Yes
[07/05/23 00:32] jakubhi:.. Maybe I should take a look into that old forum conversation
[07/05/23 00:34] Chewett:No real plans myself, apart from create something that is "Buildable" repair it as a community, then start building boats!
[07/05/23 00:36] :Aksel massattack
[07/05/23 00:36] :::::::: Aksel asks everyone to mass attack until death ::::::::
[07/05/23 00:38] jakubhi:Will you be sharing tonights conversation on the forum? Might be useful to get others into the picture
[07/05/23 00:38] Chewett:Yeah I can post it up :)
[07/05/23 00:38] jakubhi:Nice
[07/05/23 00:39] : Aksel rolled the die!
[07/05/23 00:39] : 5
[07/05/23 00:39] Aksel:hey those items throw me to mda
[07/05/23 00:40] jakubhi:Yes, some do, not sure if all
[07/05/23 00:40] Chewett:They do? Fyrd probably misconfigured them :(
[07/05/23 00:41] jakubhi: *laughs slightly* maybe it was easier to create it that way. It should not be a problem with the links being up
[07/05/23 00:41] Aksel:links have cooldown
[07/05/23 00:42] : Sunfire rolled the dice!
[07/05/23 00:42] : 5,3 > 8
[07/05/23 00:42] Chewett:Nah I think if the item is based there it needs to be changed to be based here. But I’m not sure how he created it
[07/05/23 00:43] jakubhi:Hmm. As for the lighthouse, I think a new post should be created on the forum about it
[07/05/23 00:43] jakubhi: (with a link to the post with thisbconversation)
[07/05/23 00:43] Aksel:Jacob, the lighthouse librarian
[07/05/23 00:44] Chewett:That sounds good, could you create it and I can post up the log pater
[07/05/23 00:44] Aksel:That reminds me of Lost
[07/05/23 00:44] Aksel:you know Jacob ends up dead :D
[07/05/23 00:44] jakubhi:I will create it, sure.
[07/05/23 00:44] Aksel:stick to the forest, it's safer that way
[07/05/23 00:44] jakubhi:And I hope I want die, Aksel
[07/05/23 00:45] jakubhi:I wont die*
[07/05/23 00:46] Aksel:your brother ends up killing you because he wants the Island for himself, and as you can see your lighthouse jeopardizes him
[07/05/23 00:46] Chewett:Any other comments or ideas for things?

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