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M B: Berserkers Horde

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I was just thinking that since there is only one Marind Bell alliance right now it might be a good idea to start another one based on the Berserkers just as there is an alliance now based on the Angiens (Seekers of Enlightenment). The Berskerers are part of Marind Bell's history too what with Wind being one of them originally. They would of probably be dedicated to fighting the Shades at any cost too just as the original Berserkers were. It would certainly be interesting to have another aggressive alliance around.

Not that I want to be its leader, such an alliance wouldn't really suit my character and I'm busy enough as it is. Mind you this is just a suggestion, I thought about pming Mur or Shoeps about it but figured they would be very busy so I decided to post it on the forum for all to see. So if someone is interested in exploring this further let them take it from here.

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I'm happy you asked, the reason I'll tell mur is to, fight the shade and to protect the innocence who come to Marind's Bell for peace(this is what will make us more than a GG ripoff)

and also if you try to get surpport for try to keep it quiet in pms or this forum I don't want to make a big deal out of it then have mur say no, also tell I have 5 people(not counting myself) say they will join before I ask mur about it

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Well if you guys are serious about this you need to find out all you can about the Berserkers, unlike the Shades and Angiens not much is known about them. Here are good places to start:




The Angien and Shade alliances were formed when people tried to contact them. Not sure if that is possible with the Berserkers since they seem long gone. Maybe you need to become the new Berserkers? It is also obvious that the Shades are in Necrovion and the Angiens in the Angiens Shrine but where are the Berserkers? They supposedly used to live in No Man's Land and Berserkers Way in it is named after them. There is also some connection to Marind Bell with Wind and his group of Berserkers building it, the Passage of War in Marind Bell might be a place to investigate.

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I like the idea of A Berserker's Alliance. Just an advice though; getting people to join an alliance is very easy. Lots of people would want to be in an alliance. Getting it made would be the hardest thing. I really suggest you go on making the background story on its formation first.

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Yes i agree with stating that u need to research and know more about the Berserkers. I personally don't think that the name should change, i think of it more of the resurrection of a mighty honour bound group of men who risked their lives in the fight for good.

Honour in Memory.........

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ok udgard

this is what I was thinking for the background on formation(reformation)

a warrior with a dark past(me) begins to look for few brave fighter to help him stop the shades and protect the people of Marind's Bell(the more important one in my mind) he rembers the the of a simler group of fighter that founded Marind's Bell, they were the Berserkers he decide to use their name

on the name if you can think of a better one we'll vote on it if not it be the Berserkers

and once again if have not read the 3 topics Aqune listed please do

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