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Number of creatures


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When you begin playing, you are limited to 16 creatures.

I understand that there are rules and abilities that let you modify/shift most of the games' boundaries, and this includes the number of creatures you can have.

I see numerous people walking around with 18 creatures, for example.

My first question is this: how do you get more than 16 creatures? Is it part of a role you assume in the game (a reward for playing a role?). Can you buy extra places for creatures from the MD shop? (if so, where? is it limited to donators?) Is it a reward for winning a contest?

In know you can buy unique creatures in the MD shop. Do these creature count towards you normal creature limit?

Being able to have more creatures would be a huge boost to any player, as I often find myself waiting for my creatures to age before I can level them. And consequently I hide in sanctuaries because I'd like to be in full health when I finally can see what I should do next with them. People that can hold more creatures simply get a fresh batch and start to level them, too.

What is the maximum number of creatures anyone can have? I saw a players that had 28 creatures (a level 4 player!). That looks a bit unfair, doesn't it? Twelve extra creatures to play, while I have to keep a number big ones, so I can create a few good ritual, leaving me with only a few creatures I can grow so they can be sacrificed.

(people that know, please answer what you can)

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You can buy extra slots in MD shop. There are 20 slots for each shop reset (extra features section I think). yes, the special creatures will count (in the end) but you can buy them even if you have maximum number of creatures.

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