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Warning of adepts leaving.. also, multiple adepts improvements

Metal Bunny

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I just went back to mp5 today.. because 5 inactive mp3 players all left me at the same time.. I know, it's not that great, and I ask everyone who used to worship me, to do it again when I have that last adept back.. (39 now) I'm not pissed or anything, it's me learning which is putting me in a different mood.. heh

Anyway, am I supposed to go to my adept page and write down all the activity days of 40+ adepts? So that I can see if some people may or may not have quit playing the game?

Because right now, the system is kind of flawed. When it says that the adepts were inactive for more than 5 days, then it also immediately removes them from my adept list, giving me no time to recruit replacements..

If there was a warning like: 'Warning adept inactive for 3 days, in 2 days it will no longer be your adept'

Then that would tremendously help, because as most mp6 know, it's hard to keep tab on all of 'em.

Also, seeing as most mp6 also want their adepts to become worshippers, or may want to coordinate certain actions in large quantities, it would be considered as an act of greatness, if it were made possible that one can pm all of his adepts at the same time. Perhaps even broaden it like being able to pm everyone in seperate levels of mp. If you made this into a feature one has to buy in the shop, I would certainly do. Just like the advanced messaging feature.

In lieu of that, if one could consider such an option for your worshippers, that would be very awesome indeed. I have found many a problem concernin organising and pm'ing my worshippers. Again, feature?

Now cometh the ranting..

I foresaw a coming of something drastic, awesome and epic when mur announced that adepts were able to change master on will, and that it could be done easily and quickly. I liked it when I saw that mp6 needed a large group of adepts. What I noticed however was that once you are mp6 and you get worshippers, people cannot change worshippers. This is annoying. I think I may have had 8 or 9 more worshippers if it were possible to change worshippers. I have not heard why this is, but it is a matter of concern for me. Also, after having played with such a large group of adepts, without a pm system or any such thing, I found it quite hard to understand the extreme fluidness of adepts in contrast to the extreme fixedness of worshippers. Maybe this is to change later, as all things do in life, I do not know, I'm just talking here..

One can change masters quite quickly as an adept. To fast in my opinion, as some quickly become temporary adepts or even an occasional 'spy' who removes his 4 accounts (this happened but I stayed mp6.. I went to mp5 when 5 inactive mp3 players all of a sudden were no longer my adept..), just to revert someone back to mp5. And temporary adepts are not really supposed to be in the game, it is in conflict with the definition of adept.

The fluidness of adepts stands in contrast on how adepts are being counted. They are counted at the reset of the server. And that usually takes a day, unless father time decided he couldn't handle the pressure anymore and overdosed on some illegal narcotics..

My suggestion is that if one wants to change adepts, there should be a cooldown time of 1 day, and a warning for the master, this warning could be the same way for inactive players, this way, it restricts some impulsive, later on disloyal or inactive players. It also gives the mp6 player some breathing room to find some replacements.. in time, which was not the case for me :(

Oh well, though luck I say, anyway, at the end of the day, the adepts needs to confirm again if he wants to leave. Because really, in real life you don't just leave school or a master on 1 deadbeat impulsive thought. Besides that, you can't, you will always get warnings and advice and in the worst case scenario, it still takes more than 1 day. Also, this doesn't meant I want to give them untill the server resets, I want it to be a full 24-hours. But I also want a mighty steed fit for my metallic behind and a lifetime supply of carrots and some theatrical amusement for my army... lol

Some might have wondered by now; 'why didn't you just recruit untill you had 50 or more adepts?' The answer is because we in the golemus alliance are a friendly and sharing kind of people.. meaning that we wish to grown more powerful players in our alliance, like everyone else does really.. We learned, especially me :P, that 50 might still not be enough.. Now, onward on this subject. There is a large number of players required to gain mp6-ness. This crowd grows larger when people don't want to pick a master or people go to someone who is not actively recruiting or doesn't even want to be mp6.

My suggestion is to make it possible for mp5 players to gain a tiny bonus if they click some sort of box that will make sure people cannot become an adept of them. The bonus being akin to the average adept bonus (without the mp6-ness), a lot less of course, than someone with 10 adepts, or maybe even 5. One could also consider using this option if it fits with your role. I mean, it's all about roleplaying no? What if someone wants to be a loner, and is like this dark and mysterious figure, the misunderstood hero or villain, who wanders the no man's land in search of fights? If that player had 15 adepts, or even 1 adept (well maybe not 1, because some people do want sidekicks :).. why don't I have a sidekick? :() I would be less inclined to picture him playing his role fully.

Talking on about (and yes this has all been in my mind, but only when I got booted out of mp6 (tomorrow I'll be back so.. no worries, minor setback) this subject. It would be regarded as awesomely cool if it were possible for the master to get loyal adepts and supporters/followers.

It works in my mind like this. People can still change masters whenever they want. The master gets a message: 'do you want [playername] as your adept?' If he clicks yes, then the 24-hour deal is in the works. If he clicks no, it becomes a stalker or an involuntary follower, picture them as backstage groupies who stalk the dark and mysterious lone and misunderstood hero of no mans land..

Worshippers, yes I'm not done yet, should also be able to change master in my opinion. But I am sure that Mur is working on that, as we can read in the daily progress page. The punishment for changing masters is severe etc. Yet we can't change yet. As it is still under development I will just suggest this. Another cooldown period of 24hours, preferably much much longer, like 1 week. What people forget is that this game is a very, very longterm game. A week should be nothing... a day is like an ant, trampled and stuck to the pinky toe of a titan amongst titans.. Significantly insignificant.. pun intended, no one ever said rants can't have humor. The punishment to loyatly or whatever is up to Mur.. I mean, no need to talk about stuff you can't even observe or experience.. (that's Wittgenstein to you philosophical heretics..)

So.. ranting is over.. I've discussed the 24hour deal with warning, no adepts at all and stalkers. Something about worshippers as well. But the main point, even before the ranting was the abrupt leaving of adepts, leaving me with a setback. So.. warning please? Oh yeah, mass pm and stuff for adepts, kind of like the advanced messaging system.

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Since we're talking adept improvement, here's another idea:

Layering adepts :P

Basically, if I have adepts, and I become someone else's adept, I will count as myself, plus a certain percentage of my adepts, towards MY master.

For example, if I have 10 adepts, I will count as 2 (myself+10%) or 3 (myself+20%).

Don't know if this is even doable, but it's something to consider.

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RJ I did, but then it went to 45 slowly, I was about to go and recruit more (today, couldn't do it earlier, because of the bad connection here, basically only when i don't have hw and am at the library at school.) but when i came online I noticed that 6 left, 5 went inactive and 1 just left and worshipped some other random player..

And the reason for me not going beyond 50 you know, if you read the first post..

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