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[Golemus Golemicarum] His Royal Awesomeness

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That's right, this post is about me.. uh.. well basically, I am going to edit this prime post untill my story is done, don't worry, I'll put in some dates and lines on where I edited the last time.

Also, the first few edits may be very familiar to most people, because they are my personal papers. <_<

Here it goes.

--18 sept 2008--

Decided to put different stuff in different posts, and yes, it's all still old stuff..

--End of edit--

First Post, no date required :P

Because the post shows when I posted it for the first time, duh, don't ask stupid questions and you won't get dumb answers..

Uh.. anyway, on with the show :P

The Great and Transcending Introduction of Metal Bunny

My name is Metal Bunny and I want to rule the world

I'll give you a small introduction to my background, on how I grew up.. and what I am planning to do now.

Dear reader if you wish to know more about my motives and the like, and wish to see beyond my hide, then I urge you to read the about my theories in my page of The Great and Transcending Doctrine of Metal Bunny.

I am part of a very special sort of bunny breed. Our fur has metallic properties, so we require no armor. Our skins our tougher than most armor and will stop most strikes and jabs of blade and arrow.

I grew up as a young bunny, the youngest of a large litter... a very large litter, zounds of litters really. Mom and Dad never seemed to stop humping each other.. At least that's what my older siblings say. You see I am the youngest of them all, and being the smallest of them all, they picked on me and made fun of me. But I was always a jolly fellow and always happy when my parents were around, especially because my siblings dared not to fight each other nor me, when they were around. But my parents, pretty much the king and queen, having humped too much, passed away due to complicated genital issues.. thus explaining the blessed absence of memories of parents humping.

So one could indeed call me a stereotypical little boy who was alone in the world, after they went on.. You know, Hector Malot? Don't get me wrong, suffering everyday, being their little slave, getting scrap meals from my brothers and sisters who always picked on me was just like a slice of heaven.. If heaven were to be a golden palace filled with shards of glass where you're roasted on a fire that burns you from the inside 24 hours a day. Now I didn't go all emotional back then, unlike some certain youths these days who have zero legitimate reasons to complain. Why didn't I break down? Because of one thing, one goal, one dream that was driving me onward.


Simple as that.

I desired not to kill my siblings, I desired to rule over them and make them suffer, like they made me suffer. Make them *my* slaves. So I secretly started training my body and mind. But as I learned great intelligence and amassed some power in my body I realised that, those 2 things were not enough. In the stories and theories that I read, it always lacked something.. bunny. Until one day I came across a famous man, who was not a scholar at all, nor even eloquent. And his words were the opposite of erudite. He wasn't even a great warrior, as he looked like the wind could snap him in too and depended on others to protect him. And yet kings and mainly power hungry princes were listening to his advice.. And so did I. As I read his words I learned 2 new arts, the arts of the owl and the arts of the snake.. I learned the difference between wisdom and intelligence and I learned that strength alone is never enough. I immediatly started to learn these new skills, meditating and comtemplating, learning the arts of wisdom. But it did not dawn on me yet, for I was too fixated on vengeance. I only became wise enough to really understand my siblings, what kind of intricate jealousies and issues they had.

In the meanwhile I tried to better the skills of the snake. At one point I was constantly lying, deceiving and manipulating my dumb siblings, slowly turning them against the smarter siblings who were now behaving as our parents did, like kings and queens.. It worked, the onslaught was magnificent, mainly because all I did, was sit on the side and cheer them on, bwahaha. With my smarter siblings gone I took control and ruled them. But I hungered for more.. much more.. I wanted everyone to suffer! And so I looked onwards to our neighbours the kittens.. and I desired them to suffer. But my meditations and comtemplations were, unbeknownst to me in the start, becoming al too conflictious with my lies and manipulations.. So I decided to raid every library we and the kittens had to learn more about the man who helped me gain my true power. Apparently his name was never written down, although he did refer to himself of being made of metal. For that was the strongest material known to all creaturekind in his primitive days. And with metal he meant that his mind was greater than his body, even if it was but a small portion of his mind. And so I gained the name of Metal Bunny and not because I wear so much armor or because I used to torture certain people with certain metal tools, that went into *certain places*.. Those are all lies and propagande, don't listen to that. *Ahem* after some raiding parties I finally found some books that had indeed 'Metal' on the front cover. They were all the same however, and they were all named: "Commentaries on the Metal Man".

What I read in the kitten books were nothing was nothing but criticism against him. But the strange part was that I understood it and agreed with it. It must've been the endless contemplation kicking in, but I learned what was wrong with his theories. After months of arduous further meditation and contemplation I finally saw the truth, no matter how hard I tried to deny it in the end. I guess it was because of those moments of peace and happiness that I experienced in the presence of my parents. But I did give in, in the end. I felt.. pity for my siblings and.. I felt some sort of.. regret of me manipulating them into killing their other brothers and sisters.. It was a hard period for me. But the kittens, having long lost their civilised ways, had begun a guerilla war and slowly killed so many of my siblings for whom I now for the first in my life had some.. non aggresive feelings for.

And then it hit me. Years of contemplation and meditation finally aligned themselves with my years of lies and deceit. I finally knew it.

What I had to do.

--18 sept 2008--

I had a new goal and even if it was still world domination, it was now because of different motivations.

Read my military ways and beliefs if you wish to know more, but if you are more interested in what kind of individual I am, you should read on..

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[color="green"]To truly understand what is written here, it would be best if you read my Great and Transcending Introduction of Metal Bunny first and then continued here.

[b]Warning, this page has earned allegations concerning it, being extremely boring and very unlike the jolly and awesome Bunny. I agree, as it's not supposed to be entertaining, it is for teaching and informing purposes, the awesomeness however, is still applicable.[/b]
[size=7]The Great and Transcending Doctrine of Metal Bunny[/size]
I wished to rule the world, for I wished to make everyone suffer

But no more.. I still have the same goal, to rule the world that is, but my motivation and thus my dream has changed.
What exactly was it that hit me that day? It was the notion that evil and good control you, if you do not control them.

Good and evil are subjective, as it always depends on the perspective on what is right and wrong and thus good and evil. What a person does is always good and right in his mind, for else he would not do it. Unless hypnotized by some form of spell or seduced by certain attractive individuals of his or her species.. The repurcussions of this nature of good, and thus evil, makes it so that the world is a cruel and unfair place.
It is because interests and desires, when among multiple people with individual minds and thus individual ideas of what is good, will also collide with each other. This is the basis of what I percieve as evil really. It exists because there are multiple ideas of good, and when good and good collide, one will always suffer. And when good loses, it is per definition seen as unfair and/or cruel. Why do they collide? Because no man is equal and thus one will always be the better man. And every man does what he desires, for that is good in his mind. Thus the conditions are created which are perfect for calling this world nothing more than organized anarchy at best.

So basically what I just said now, is that I see the world filled with individuals who all think what they are doing is good. No man is equal thus, some good will lose and that is the source of evil in my opinion, for when good loses, it is experienced as unfair or generally a bad thing. It's like that big fat bully in the cafeteria who takes your lunch money, because it feels.. so.. good.. Or this nerd who is maimed by a measly and insignificant arachnid and then by some freak of nature takes his unjust revenge on the bully..

Indeed, evil is the loss of good.

But why is what one desires considered as good? Because that what one desires makes one happy and being happy is a good thing, see the circle definition here? Making people my slaves and making them suffer made me happy, even though I was generally considered as evil. But what I later on realised, what hit me was when wisdom hit me pretty hard.

It was balance.

I realised then that when my good won, a lot more evil was created. Basically what was written above. Now what I learned from my meditations was that everything was forced to adhere to the laws of balance, simply because of it's logical structure. More on this later on, I like to keep this short and simple, unlike a person named Kant. What I thought of was that I had learned misery and suffering first, before I learned happiness as a little bunny. I was mistreated by my sibling's, but that suffering made me enjoy my time with my parents even more. Nigh making me happy. I had to learn the meaning of one extreme to learn the other extreme. Food never tastes the same after you have suffered true hunger. Peace is not the same thing, if you never experienced war. Those who have, have become so much more grateful, so much more.. happy. And so, to gain true happiness, one must first learn what the opposite is.

Once I learned what true happiness was, I truly enjoyed every moment in my life, even the bad ones. It's as if one has transcended the bad portions of life.. as if I didn't have to suffer anymore..
However, the lifespan of us intelligent creatures always seems so long. And boredom could strike. To continuously keep ourselves entertained or happy, one needs a goal, a desire, which will make us happy, just by trying to reach it. I chose my goal with a specific purpose. The goal to rule the world, mainly because I could then, not just enjoy true happiness for a mere moment, I could enjoy it for long extended periods of time.
-To read more on the subject of ruling for happiness, read more at the very end of this page, or go to my Protector Statement page-

But how to obtain that happiness exactly? To make one suffer my fate would be cruel and pointless, there is no need for voluntary self mutilation or torture, nay. But one does require evil, to learn good, and thus true happiness. What I suggest is that one learns to control evil. Enslave it! Force it to our own purpose, to use it for good. This however, due to the laws of balance is a very delicate and complicated matter.

I'll give you some examples. To know the true blessed meaning of peace, one needs to know the atrocities of war. To know the true blessing of food, one needs to know the power of hunger. What I suggest is not to force people into committing and observing atrocities or to deprive them of food. No, what I suggest is that those who do wish to obtain happiness, is to let them fight a mini war or fictional ones, like via accurate and graphical reenactments and let them learn about other wars and it's crimes. The same with hunger, to let them, if they wish it so, experience hunger, under the guidance of health professionals. To let them learn, in a controlled environment, so that they may come closer to true happiness.

That has become my true goal.

To rule the world so that under my guidance, such activities can be maintained in professional institutes.
That under my guidance, true happiness may be obtained by those who wish it so.
If you are interested, pm me or read more in my protector statement.

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[color="green"][size=7]The Great and Transcending Protectorate of Metal Bunny[/size]

[b]The Comments of Bunny, on how to rule and how to maintain his doctrine[/b]
Basically, to rule in a virtuous way is, unless one is real quesy and pansy excuse of a leader, exceedingly much more difficult for a ruler, than to rule on impulses and the suffering of the people. I myself, having suffered as a 'commoner' and my talents being shunned and not appreciated, have learned that a virtuous and meritocratic rule is far more benificiary for not just the people, but the ruler too. And since in all nature's creature's there is an innate desire to only help thyself, and only thyself, I had chosen not just this path, that of being a ruler, but also this pace, that of being virtuous and meritocratic.

So basically, in my case, happiness of others creates happiness for me, which in turn, creates happiness for them. A perpetuum mobile does not exist, so yes, the cost of this is higher. One shoulders more responsibility, more tasks and thus has to do his best to create more happiness to compensate for it.

To be continued ^_^[/color]

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[quote name='MRnegative6' post='19602' date='Nov 8 2008, 05:32 PM']...When is the talking carrot part gna happen? Isnt he your food? or is the carrot scarring the bunny?

awsomeness...you know what more awsome than you:P I told you last time and its still more awsome:P[/quote]

Here it is :)
MD Adventure Log[/size][/b]
Page 338 [2008-11-17 77:77:77]
[b]Awesomeness Incarnate - Me. Ra.[/b]
And with one mighty blow Raven falls down, humbled and defeated.
He crawls halfway up and then begs for forgiveness and a chance for redemption.
But The Most Awesomeness of Awesome refuses, knowing well that his kind is treacherous and pure filth to the last caroteen. Damn tasty though.
"You will have your chance for redemption yet, Raven!" Shouts Metal Bunny. "But only under my terms. Your kind shall serve mine for eternity!" And with one bite he rips off Raven's head!
And thus Raven has not only doomed himself, but his kind as well, to an eternal suffering.
To be gruesomely and voraciously eaten alive by all Bunnykind..

The end[/color]

Yay happy ending :D

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Page 338 [2008-11-17 04:23:50]
darkness reborn-rav. others
a group of shadowy figures stand over the fallen raven
this can not be allowed, one of them speaks
your are right says another his voice echoing within itself
but I can bring him back stronger then he ever was before
one of the figures places his hand over raven
a black mist flows down to the fallen warrior
the mist covers him it swirls slowly a figure rises up from the mists
raven is reborn no more a mere carrot
he now can take his revage against the The Bunny Empire

and so darkness is reborn

I had too :diablo: :rofl: because the end is only the beginning of your doom(lame evil laugh) just kidding

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