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End of Festival and End of Shade Balance

Calyx of Isis

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this for this, but it's two hours after GreyMantle's return and SageWoman getting Zleipheimer to snap out of it. I am still shaking from the rush and totally exhausted... almost 60 hours in just over three days. It is so long since I have had so much fun. This is my first time ever in something like this... I am at a loss for words to describe how I feel. Maybe if you get to the end of this long, rambling post, you will understand.

Timing the return of Khalazdad Greymantle for the end of the festival was a brilliant move on Mur's part (and those he conferred with). Making it happen on schedule was, I suspect, due to Mr. Machiavelli, our chief archivist, Ren. (Sorry about the new appellation Ren, but I am still paying you compliments.) How they made it come out like this, I have no idea -- especially with idiots like me running in and wreaking havock over Sage's disappearance. Oh Well, they did an amazing job.

Sage and I were hidden away far from the action (that was one challenging hour) and when the reports of Khal's death we looked at each other in horror, what do we do now. Gargant's PM to me sounded agonized. He was truly mortified by Khal's words. Then came the report that Khal might not be dead, but neither the box nor Khal the White had arrived. OMG! What do we do now?

After some agonizing seconds I suggested the Principle of Imagination. Maybe if we played it out, gave a good enough performance, make a good enough story, just maybe the Creator God, Mur, would bless our rituals and permit the return of Greymantle. So we started running through ideas.

C: "Maybe we can do another ceremony."

S: "Nope, out ofceremony." (She had used everything when we purified ourselves and Xcerces before entering Golemus).

C: "I still have sage, tobacco, sweet grass, and whit cedar."

S: "No, I don't think it would work."

(Lord why did I not copy the chat as it flowed!? Like I said above, idiot.)

We ran through a whole bunch of ideas in seconds. She rejected all of them -- keep in mind, it was her decision to make, I could only support and advise at that point. Besides, she had proven herself wiser than I several times in the drama of the preceding week.)

Finally PM's came to me announcing the arrival of Khal the White and news that Khal might not have expired yet. Oh what wonderful news. There was still a chance, but could it be done without the box?

S: "Wait!"

C: "Yes?"

S: Her eyes glowed with the holy light I had seen shine from her many times. "I still hold the Ace!" She cried triumphantly.

S: "Sister, will you follow me in this no matter what."

C: "Of course I will! I will follow you through hell if need be." (We really did roleplay this even though we were alone.)

I knew what was coming. She had planned it days before. I did not like what was coming, but we both had to follow her heart in this.

I sent message to our friends that we we coming, and told them not to loose hope, there was still a chance. With that we left Golemus and returned to the horrific site of battle. I won't go on. Ren and Yami were there scribbling away as fast as I had ever seen. They will tel the rest.

Please know this... Sage being in hiding was not cowardice. It was a strategic move to keep her alive. If she had died in battle, then what?? In fact, her Valkyrie spirit was driving her into the battle. This was a last minute decision. BlackThorn, the Voice of the Root, was screaming at me in my mind... "Get her into Golemus NOW!" She had turned away BlackThorn's warnings several times. I told her I trust BlackThorn as much as I trust her. "Well, if you trust him that much..." Still she was not happy and the Valkyrie in her struggled to go the the battlefield.

In the lonely hour of waiting she finally allowed me to tell her of Loreroot, the Root, itself, and why I trusted BlackThorn so much. Still the Valkyrie wanted to taste blood. Time and time that spirit had to be quelled and I could see how much energy it took Sage to control it.

Ok... so that's what happened. The days and hours leading up to this were strenuous. Many hours were spent collecting and analyzing clues, warnings, offers of aid and the rest. I waisted time following a false trail I had stumbled on and wound up in an out of character argument with Ren. That night as I tossed in bed, I was heart sick, everything had turned to ashes and Sage was still no closer to finding what she sought.

With less than a day to go neither of us had a clue. I spent hour after hour in PM hell. Yrthilian, Wodin, Udgard, Tarquinus and many others provided information that lead nowhere. (Thanks, in part, to the deception of a friend, which I now see a necessary. What was thought lost was never lost. It was always where Sage, Udgard and ever thought it was in the first place. (No hard feelings, my friend, you did what you had to do.)

Exhausted, but unwilling to leave MD I staggered into Winds Sanctuary and Windy's pub to rest. A woman I had met the day before. My invitation for her to sit with me again triggered events that ultimately would save us. Gargant had an interest in the woman sitting um.. um.. I better say, sitting beside me and Sent a PM. Our conversation is not important. What is was the alliance he and I formed in those few minutes.

Hours later I was still clueless and Sage was sleeping. I ran into Xcerces. I have no idea who reached out and sent the first PM. X was a total stranger to me. We had exchanged hello's in the pub, but that was it. I had no idea whether to trust this Necrovian defector, but I knew he had aided my beloved soul sister to escape a deadly trap. Taking a risk I asked a test question and received the answer I desired. I cannot tell you why I placed Sage's fate in his hands. Sage and I... our medicine training has taught us to trust our hearts and intuitions (she, better than I). I found myself revealing secret to him without even understanding why I was doing it. I asked X to contact Gargant, and left to sleep.

I know I have left out the names of many friends and enemies I met along the way. There wer so few I know I could absolutely trust.. Friendships were made in a second and dropped in a heart beat. The scale tipped from one side to the other moment by moment. It was exciting, exhilarating, depressing, joyous, and exhausting. In the end, what it was all about was Sage's faith in me and I in her, and the unwavering devotion of a few very special friends.

This is the first time I have experienced any "game" this intensely. When I ::whispered:: I even typed quietly. So hear I am at the end of this post and I am still not sure what I am trying to say.

Thank you every one for a glorious experience.

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[quote name='stormrunner' post='16695' date='Sep 14 2008, 07:31 PM']it was good timing indeed, the fight was a pain, and khalazdad the grey is way easier to deal with hell he seems to be a nice guy and can some till me why all the women around Khalazdad hate me I'm I really all that bad[/quote]

You want me to repeat [b]Here[/b] & [u][b]Again[/b][/u] as well the reason Runner? :P

I gave you the real reason & I don't like to repeat myself.......

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For myself personally, i would like someone to document in the forum as to what actually went on. The AL is very vague and it is obvious that a lot of people knew what was going on, like the background. But i am sure that there are even more people who love to know the story.....the real story.....

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It indeed was a very exciting experience. I logged in at 22 pm and slept at 3 am in the morning so I could participate in this (and it is Monday today >.< I was nearly unable to wake up this morning).
Well, I guess I will share some stories here too, what I experience on the largest event on MD I've met since I joined.

I first stumbled upon this story when I learned about boxes that could store souls on my conversation with Ledah and Morrel. A few days later, I came upon pieces of information that says that Khal too is looking for a box like that. After more pieces of info came in, i learned that it was HIS box(as we can only store our souls on our own box), which was apparently missing. By pure luck, I stumbled upon someone I befriended, and he told me that they are guarding the box. At the time, we all thought that Khal needed it to seal his soul so he could transplant it to another body when his dying body dies. I respected what my friend would do, but I had no personal quarrel with Khal, so I left it at that.

Days later, someone contacted me on something interesting(which we later found out to be nothing), and I decided to ask Calyx about it. There, I learned that there is something going on involving SageWoman. The conversation branched into something else for a few days (mostly due to my fault >.<). When the conversation ended a few days later, I went to Wind's Sanctuary to refresh a bit from my research in Golemus. Just then, Sage entered, panic, as if something terrible has just happened. With several others there (let's see, there was Storm, Linard, Ailith..ahh I can't remember all of them), we tried to calm her down. (PS: we agreed not to tell Windy who broke her plates and glasses). As she slowly calmed, she told us about a conspiracy by the Necrovion Sentinels to capture her, and just moments later, she started giving out her prophecy.

Through her prophecy, I learned of Khal's split into White and Black, and that the reason Khal sought for his box is actually because it was holding White. WHen we were still surprised, Khalazdad the White showed up and asked everyone there to help bring the box, so he can reunite with Black. White said that he can only show up when Khal is asleep, and that Khal knows everything he knows (for those of you who wonders what Khal's dreams on the AL meant, it was probably what White experiences when White comes out during Black's sleep).

Knowing who held the box and what the box means for the future, I consulted Calyx on whether it was true and Sage was not under some kind of mind control. Calyx told me that I should help Sage, and thus, I decided to contact Sage and see if she needed my help. Later on I found out that my messenger got lost amongst the large number of messengers arriving to her.

Not receiving any word from her, I decided to wait and see how things would go. On my travels, I overheard some Sentinels talking about luring Sage/White to the House of Liquid Dust so they could kill White. Hearing this, I immediately set out to find Sage, but I could not find her. Later on, I met Zleiphnier, her love, and asked him to deliver my warnings to her. Calyx also told me that she had guessed who held the Box, but the person denies that he holds it, and says that he has given the box to others for safekeeping. Since the person that she named was the one that my friend told me as the holder, I contacted him as soon as possible. Since the matter seemed a bit private, all I did was tell him about what is going on and ask him to forward it to the current holder of the box, if he knew who it was now. But my friend replied that he has already known the situation, and that in a few days I will know why. I sensed that he might have something planned, and I decided to put my faith in it.

After that, things cooled down again. I decided to continue my research on Golem's Mill in Golemus. Just as I woke up from my meditation to take my daily notes on the water level in Golemus, my alliance messenger arrived and told me about that the War is going to break soon. I ran as fast as I can to the Aramory to help my brothers and sisters there. Just then, a messenger arrived from Sage. Apparently, the messenger I sent to her that few days ago has reached her, and she contacted me immediately. I told her about the incoming War, and that my brothers and sisters felt that it would be best if she stays in Golemus, away from harm. She came immediately to the Aramory, and after some hesitation (valkyrie spirit, u know..), and a sacred ceremony performed with Calyx and xcerses, she finally agreed to go to Golemus with Jonn's help. And now that she's safe, it is our turn to our part; the War.

Many have assembled on the Aramory to help our cause, and everyone awaits anxiously to the time when the battle begins. However, it appears that the battle was yet to commence. I headed to the House of Liquid Dust, and it turns out that Khal is giving his last words of wisdom. Here, I saw the wisdom of Khal, and realized that even as Black, he is a great man. If Grey returns, it would be a great thing. After a while, Ren arrived with Yami. He told us that the time has come, and finally the War broke out. It was chaotic, with some people silencing everyone there (VERY annoying). When the commotion finally calmed down, it appears that the Sentinel's forces has suffered a greater loss. Khal was wounded, and said that even though the war has come, the Fated One has not yet arrived (Sage). He said that he would come to die in the HOuse that made him, annd entered the House of Liquid Dust. I was not sure what is happening for a moment, but when I finally realize that Black is dead in the House of Liquid Dust, I sent word immediately to Calyx.

Despite our army's victory, one thing went wrong from the plan : the one holding the box never showed up. We were facing a possible fact that Khal will die, and never return to Grey. Suddenly, White showed up. All hope is not lost! But what can we do now that the box is not here? However, I decided to send a messenger again to Calyx and Sage. They did not give up hope, and as soon as they arrived from Golemus to the site , Sage immediately began asking Black to reunite with White. With many others, we tried the best we could to help convince Black. Finally, Black asked for a sacrifice : if Sage is to die in the House of Liquid Dust, he will reunite with White. We all looked at each other as Sage accepted Black's request. We knew what was going to happen, but this has always been her call. We can only stay and watch. The next thing, the sacrifice was done, and Black and White reunited. Grey walked out of the door, but the cheer of seeing his return is quickly taken over with a feeling of sadness, as we see Sage's body lying on the ground.

She was dead, and all was sad. Fortunately, the ritual that Calyx had done with her and X earlier seems to have protected her spirit, along with the magic of 'sacrifice of the pure-hearted' ( I forgot who noted this). Khal too said that she should not die, and suddenly, her body starts to shake and things, and her soul came back to her body. SageWoman is alive once again.

With Grey's return and Sage being safe, we feel that things had gone for the best that could happen. Everyone celebrates in the aftermath of the event, and the Path of Loneliness and Wind's Sanctuary was filled with people celebrating.

With things finally coming to the happy ending, I decided that it is time for me to rest. The battle has taken my stamina, and the clock was showing 3 o'clock in the morning. I need to sleep, I have to wake up at 7.30....

Today, one day after the events ended, I came upon a chance to share these stories for everyone who wants to know what had happened. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.


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The best laid plans eh...?

I want to tell some of the story from my perspective. (indulge me in this. I set a lot of things up and missed the climax)

I met Khal before he split himself and knew many of the reasons why, but I think I'd rather leave that part up to him to tell if he's willing. I knew much of the path of the box and where it was held at most times, except for the brief period when Wodin disappeared. After days of debate with the various alliance leaders in Renavoid's private chamber much was finally decided. I convinced the box holder, against his wishes, to join a small force that I'd organized that would lay in wait at the Aramory until the Black arrived at the house of liquid dust and the White arrived to join us. My messages went out and many of my comrades began to arrive. Unfortunately, it was unknown when the final battle would begin and I had to leave for about 4 hours. I left BlackThorn and Morrel in charge. When I logged back in, the battle was over and Khal the Grey had returned. I missed the whole thing!

I am gratified by the way the whole thing turned out. The box holder was unavailable during that time, but BlackThorn organized a FANTASTIC battle, and Morrel and Gargant delivered crushing blows to Khalazdad the Black, in his words "Morrel and Gargant have unmade me." I wish to express my extreme gratitude to those 3, BlackThorn, Morrel and Gargant, as well as all the others that joined them there for saving my friend in spite of my poor timing.

I also wish to thank SageWoman for her sacrifice. What you did, Sage, was incredible... a truly selfless act, and one that may have saved many lives... time will tell what will happen with the necrovion sentinels and the shades, but for a time it seems there is peace.

Good work everyone.

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No, Glor, you have not killed this topic. There is far more to be revealed. Your role in all this was part of Khal's plan. Your post merely confirms what I had deduced by Monday morning. I have told the story once in public in MD. If Khal and the archivists permit I will reveal and analyze the whole thing. There are many stories to be told. There is much I was not a witness to and would like to experience through others eyes.

Glor, even had white not showed up when he did, Sage and I had that covered. We had an alternative box from which to produce him. Had I known who's plan this was -- Khal's -- I would have PMed him that I was rewriting the ending with Sage's assistance. No one but the two of us knew we had it covered. Khal was obviously trying to fix it on his own. I wished Sage or I had thought of contacting Khal at that point, but it was not until Sage's sacrifice that the two of them actually started working together. After I knelt by her body I PMed, "what next." She told me that only she and Khal could do the rest, so I stalled for time while they worked it out. I said about Sage's souls communing with me, and someone picked up on the other stuff (thank the gods) and it all worked out.

I have no idea what Khal was thinking of when he came in as white (yes, Khal played white, too). In the version of the story I have to present, the box never held white at all. It was a ruse to keep people for looking for white in the right place. At some point, Sage or I was told white could be present only when black was asleep. We pondered this and I considered many theories. I would have had it but I had no way to account for the box if white was in the world, now what to account for white in the world if the lore about the box were true. Also I pondered about who was playing white.

One person was responsible for the whole thing and he never told anyone to do anything. He was the only one who knew what was going on. He initiated and controlled the whole thing by providing information for people to acquire. Everyone was a free agent. There was no guarantee of success. It hinged on his being able to hide the link between black and white and his total control of what information entered the game world.

Up until the final minutes of the drama everything went off as he planned and he had the added drama of Calyx of Isis charging into the scene. I was the only unexpected aspect of the whole thing. At one point I could have gotten the information I wanted from Sage's guards. The only problem was, they had no idea why they were guarding her or from what. The following night I had to conference with Khal about the dojo. I used the opportunity to ask about Sage. While fighting for the reassurance I desired he gave me enough information to figure everything out. However, he added a dramatic piece of misdirection which caused me to spend days on something totally unrelated.

I really want to hear more first hand accounts.

Sage and I have discussed this extensively. We both felt an amazing sense of loyalty at the end, at the Aramory. Some were there because they wanted the return of Grey. But many seemed to be there out of loyalty to her, me, or us. I have never experienced anything like it.

Sage was a wonderful story teller. She made stuff up all along. Hearing Udgard say the prophecy got him involved was interesting as it was something she made up on her own based on what she had learned. My darling's brilliance was stunning. I would say all my intelligence gathering was for naught except for a few things. It cause people to join because of their investment in us, not Khal, and it established the bonds of trust that got us to where we needed to be when we needed to be there.

[b]Please people, if you were part of this, please share your story.[/b] Though I understand the mechanics of it and how the events fit together, the personal experience of the event is of great interest to me (and others, I assume).

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