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sacrifice alter?


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I am new, and no longer wish to keep my few Aramor. I planning to get a much more powerful creature, but at this point I pretty much a newbie. (Lucky for me losing not really a bad thing :D) So I been using the random ritual because the fact I am too lazy to remake a new one for each time I lose a battle. So not only I need more space for my new creatures but I also need to remove my few Aramor from fighting in the random ritual.

I like to take my time in this world :lol: so I only been near the place that you start, and Right now I am hanging out near Marind Bell. Would anyone like me give a newbie a detail path of finding a sacrifice alter?

Thank you so much to anyone who happen to help me.

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I found it. (Kinda took me a little while because it was not a shape I thought it would be.)
That No Man's Land tip really help me out. Thank you.

I guess an admin or a mod can lock this now. :P I hope other players who been looking for it will see this and get the infomation before this thread get push to the back.

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Wow, this not locked yet? I thought when someone get the needed infomation, then the topic is locked.

Anyway, I know about that, this game give good amount of infomation. It just seem to lack the details of finding the sacrifice alter. I pretty sure there a reason for that. I try reading the FAQ on here but sadly it just talk about it.

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