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I made a Digital Boardgame

Kyphis the Bard

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Last year I made a physical boardgame that ties in to my group's pathfinder campaign, and with how well it went I've made a digital version of it and released it under the Paizo community use policy (it uses a fair bit of Paizo's IP as inspiration and flavour text).

It's set in Thuvia and centres around the Sun Orchid Elixir Sale.

The game consists of eight rounds with two main phases, and is a mix of strategic worker placement/resource management and card based bidding/bluffing.

The game supports up to six players, but also includes rules for playing solo.

It is fully free to play, and you can find it here: https://vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Sun_Orchid_Elixir_Sale

(Although mechanically complete, there are some cards that are missing flavour text right now. This might get updated in future versions, I invite your suggestions)
(This was originally a physical board game, and some design elements still reflect that. I am considering redoing the main game board from scratch, if you see anything else that might need redesigning now that the format has changed to digital, I invite your suggestions)

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