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Player_Name: gameboy9370

Commets: I think that the item in the box is the key that will unlock the shackles

around his wrists, or the legendary sword of the ages. or maybe his wallet.

Player_Name: Llor

Commets: The container used to house a Lichs soul so that it is impossible for them

to die. The thing pulling it up out of the ground is either a lich changing the

location because enemies know where it is or is a person trying to destroy it, so

that they can destroy the lich.

Player_Name: Storm

Commets: 1. A fluffy teddy

2. It's empty!

3. A magical item

4. A packet of all purpose nails

5. It is a magical item which will give him the power of flight and strength

Player_Name: Varanis Black

Commets: An artificial inteligence from another plain of existance traped in an

ancient artifact. The artifact bestowes special powers but at a price. each use

slowly turnes the user into a plainer being who will ultimately take the

intelegenges place in its prison. Releasing the intelegance into their body to roam

free. For good or bad?!?

Player_Name: DarkHart

Commets: Each and every body of important leaders through history so that he can

take part of each of their brains so he can use it to be the most powerful leader


Player_Name: Anthony R. Garcia

Commets: 1: the key to the box

2: his breath mints

3: Nothing

4: a vortex that will distribute candy all over the universe.

(Okay, this is my real thought)

5: It is impossible to explain unless you've seen it. "It is a sphere" is

what most would associate it with. It is called the heart of Edrin, The -(insert

whatever would be appropriate)-. It contains enourmous... power, of a sort.

The Shadow pulling it out has risked his life several times to attain this power,

and now that he has, the world will never be the same...

Player_Name: Anthony R. Garcia

Commets: This one is BETTER:

There is actually more than one ORB of Edrin. They still have the same enigmatic

existence, and they are still quite powerful, but more. This person achieved an

Orb of Edrin once before. This is the cause of his... intriguing appearance. This

appearance is part of what I mean when I say they give you, unique powers. He

now, however, has discovered a second. This is the first time to ever be recorded

that ANYONE achieved two Orbs.

Player_Name: Dr0g0n

Commets: 1.power over monsters

2.some weapons , armour etc.

3.my prize

Player_Name: Vortigon

Commets: It looks like some kind of rune of power, judging by the locking symbol on

the front. It could just as easily be some kind of gateway, but it moreover appears

to be some mystic power source. As for the person, or whoever, he looks like some

kind of demon, or half-demon or something, judging by his cloak/wing...thing... :-\

Player_Name: Rook

Commets: I think it is the heart of the "Last King". The dark angel of

"Magic Duel" is taking the heart to complete the "Prophacy" to

resurect him in a drangon form then take over the dragon "King's" body.

Player_Name: Bubz

Commets: An everlasting fuell cell/gem for ground based transoprtation of fuel and

amenities to colonies based in other worlds

Player_Name: snubsuki

Commets: a demonic spirit locked away in a box under the earth centuries ago; which

has resurfaced and the anghellic character is trying to get it up so it can be dealt


Player_Name: Shadow Saint

Commets: Somewhat somethng similar to a Pandora's Box, locked away by the Gods. It

contains knowledge and intelligence, as well as plagues and evils.

The Gods were worried that they're creation would be as powerful, wise and cunning

as them. Therefore it was sealed away. It could only be opened with a blood of one

of the Gods.

This would later be supplied by the renegade God, (Inserts Name). It was finally

granted to Man, but they were eventually consumed by their own sense of greed and

power, killing and plotting against each other.

The Gods were saddened by the event and sought to rectify the situation by sending

Angels to the earth realm to fight against a horde of beings. Ordinary men crazed

with madness and even demons (once man, but delved too deep into the knowledge and

was tainted by evil). They also sought to save the yet-damned and to protect.

Player_Name: dmon

Commets: The symbol embossed over the slot in the lid suggest a sexual, lock and key

relationship. All higher life depends on a mixing of genes to allow for mutation and

natural selection. Plants included. The Slot on top is a reflection of the divided

nature of the boxes contents. The Creature is pulling two artificially and magically

manufactured stamens (plant genitalia, male) from the ground !! By selecting one of

these arcane items, and using its' pollen to fertilize a well-known ancient pistol

(plant genitalia, female). The flying bee (Hero with wings) will set off the

production of an ancient seed. His difficulty ahead is choosing which of the

stamens, both guised and masked magically, to use. One is to the benefit of his

final goals and philosophies, the other will strengthen his opponents. The well

known pistol is now believed to be a long dry fountain in a large city. I hope he

chooses correctly.

Player_Name: Fraginn

Commets: This is my second try. I doubt I will get this correct. Because it's it

would be in your Extremely Stupid category.

Inside the box is House Season 2. The angel dude up there finds a treasure map for

the ultimate treasure. It HAS to be House Season 2. So he uses the treasure map to

go and locate House Season 2.

He finally finds it guarded by five million rats infected with the black death. But

since this thingie is some kind of angel thingie, he just smites them. Then the

angel finds the box, and pulls it out. He opens it to find that house Season 2 is

inside it. Now he must find a TV, a DVD player, some cords to plug into the TV, and

a drink. Then he's all set. Woot!

Player_Name: Eglado

Commets: The guy is an evil guardian stealing the box he found the hiding place of.

He finally manages to find where it is, and is now pulling the box out of the


When he finally manages to pull the box out of the ground (since it is heavy like

crap) he needs to open it. When he manages to find a snail and gets the shell off

it, he puts the shell on it, and opens it.

Then, when he is looking in the box, nothing happens. In the box, is another box!

Well, a normal cardboard box that is anyway.

So, he decides to open that one too! When looking into the chest he is amazed of the

content, on top of it he sees some ninja cards, then, he notices he can take part of

the chest off, getting inside a deeper part of it!!! Oh noes!

On that part snales are portraid, probably because he needed the shell of one to

open it.

Then, there is a note, he reads the note, and it says:

GOTCHA!!! All that work for a stupid note of me!! HAH!! How stupid you are!!! Neener!!

Player_Name: FitzChivalry

Commets: Seeing him having a kind of wings, but also a normal body, perhaps he is

trapped between this world and the next. What he has found in the chest is his soul

- which has been stripped from his body at the final encounter with his nemisis.

When he retrieves his soul he can finally pass over and find peace

Player_Name: Pure Shade 19

Commets: I believe that the creature which i want to call djinn is pulling out

powerfull dark stones which have been banished millions of years ago by the white

magicians and the monster has escaped from the dark relm and located these powerful

stones of the five evil elements needed to increase his dark magic in order to take

over the white world. Thanx guyz :D enjoy.

ps: i wanna play this game how do i get going ? :)

Player_Name: derekwoods

Commets: One when human werent there..th esun shined..the moon smiled...and the

forest could whisper..Evil wasnt there...Not Yet..It was captured in a box..and the

prophecie told us the box will get opened someday..and that day has come now..

A new race appeared on the continent they we're gifted with magic....They we're so

selfish..they killed..they killed everything ....they've burned the tree's..They

always we're searching for power..they found it..The Box of all evil.....

Demons spread around the world...

Who are you gonna be..?

The Selfish Thief?

The Mighty Hero?

or even One of Them..?!

All is there at Magicduel!!

Made by Derek Woods (sorry for my bad English :) )

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