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Heads Contest

Rafe Stone

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Maybe there is a topic, didn't see it

I wasn't trying to whine, just stating an opinion. It is a huge advantage.

Takes a little of the fun out of it if all you can do is run, and not fight back or take 1 shot at them while they get 9 to 10 back at you before your next shot

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Thank you for an honest answer DST.

Again I was just pointing out what I thought was a flaw. Apparently it was meant that way. I am cool with that. No problems.

I just got "mauled" by an alliance member last night and couldn't do anything about it. We had a good laugh about it. I would accumulate them and he would steal them. Again we chatted and laughed.

I explain myself, because I get the feeling people think I'm a whiny brat. Those that know me in game know differently.

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It's forbidden to go in places where only few players can go. If you do that you may be disqualified. And if you try to cheat believe me that I can find out and you'll feel my wrath. Yeah...I'm hungry so I am also bitter. -_-

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[quote name='dst' post='17447' date='Sep 28 2008, 12:52 PM']It's forbidden to go in places where only few players can go. If you do that you may be disqualified. And if you try to cheat believe me that I can find out and you'll feel my wrath. Yeah...I'm hungry so I am also bitter. -_-[/quote]

And what exactly would be considered cheating?

[i]Also I still plan to beat you one day dst...[/i]

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Final stage of the head competition started
At this stage you get score only while online at Gazebo of Equilibrium. This stage lasts 24 hours and its a good oportunity to dramaticaly change the top positions because a lot of heads will gather in a big ball and whoever will controll that ball will get a lot of score points fast. Good luck to all and remember there are no rules on how you should hold those heads as much as you can, anything is allowed, may the best player win!

Best player huh? plz.... the alliances have an unfair advantage in contests like this.... non-allied players can only attack each other at same mp lvl and can't atk allied players for an hour after an attempt. also, allied players can attack other allied players of any rank and can attack other players on the normal timer in the same mp lvl as them, basically allowing them to control where the "ball" is. it's not fair. either you work w/ allied members, you are one, or you're screwed. best player my foot.

also.... i don't really care if anyone replies to this or not, but don't bother telling me off about it cuz i've already made up my mind on the issue. whether you agree or disagree is beyond me caring. i'll just stick to rp. no more contests for me.

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You just don't get it....Head contest is NOT FAIR. Best player doesn't necessarily means best in fair play and good knowledge about the game. Means the one who knows what do to do win (or the one who has the most luck). If players want to team up...let them. If they want to gather heads and leave...let them. Or do like they do. Or even better: outsmart them. Take Azrael for example: he won the head contest without being in an alliance. So it is possible.

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Concerning that topic..I believe HC should stay that way, although the transparency between alliance and MP levels should be limited in my opinion. Otherwise the last stage just means brawling over a 15k head ball or so, like it almost appeared this time.

Winning isn't that hard actually, I got weak stats, no alliance and still managed to place in a position that will most likely end with third. (Remember, in MP5!) I personally would've loved to get the medal and am feeling down because of that, but well, bad luck. HC IS UNFAIR, remember that when starting it. My personal wish now is that my third place (still to be decided, but really likely) will not count or that I get another chance for the medal later.

And I would love to get a feature against stealing heads and logging off, like dst provided to make the contest interesting. But if we lost track of that person attacking anymore would be useless, so somehow a judge should appear making sure the fight goes on (and doesn't die for the last 7 or 8 hours). That is a nice strategy which will let clever players stay in their position, but I believe it is more designed as a fight and run, hide contest not with logging to prevent. (May be otherwise, I believe in what I write.)

Especially in the last stage, where it matters most.

Otherwise: Have fun with the contest, and enjoy it. Don't complain so much, and please try to make it as much of a gigantic brawl as possible. I'd love participating afterwards just for the fun of it.

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I enjoy stage I much more then stage II. Stage II relies solely on good rituals, which is fine, but I enjoy the hunt, the chase and the banter of Stage I (ask Udgard, dst and Cirith, they chased me all over the place in an attempt to get my heads... it was a lot of fun, for them too no doubt.).

It is unfair, alliances do get the one hour advantage, true. But they also have more enemies, and generally get less AP. You can overcome the AP issues with an altered perception of time of course. And I say more enemies as we have to look out for alliance members of the other mind power levels, and believe me strength isn't what it takes to win... it is finding the right ritual for your opponent. For every ritual, there is an opposite. (Although in dsts case, you will need a lot of stats beforehand).

The heads contest is fun, this is what it sets out to do. It is not meant to be taken seriously, I do not dislike anyone who took my heads, nor do I harbour any ill-thoughts to any one I stole heads from, I participated because it was fun, and I will likely participate again next month (if I can get my honor back up before then!).

The contest is unfair... but like a certain wise somebody said earlier... it is unfair to everyone in some shape way or form, and thus, by some crazy logic... that makes it fair... maybe...

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