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Discovering Inner Magic

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I have been pondering this matter at great length recently.. Given the nature of inner magic, rather than hunting down an RPC to gain their spell documents is it possible through greater enlightenment and understanding of the realm of magic duel to "discover" inner documents.

By which I mean studying all matters associated with such documents then documenting this information into a theory of said document. If done could we then submit our findings to an authority so as to evaluate our understanding and thus "discover" inner magic?

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that's really unhelpful, Ren.
Do I just go around PMing every RPC I see with my theories?
that's a really annoying way to do stuff. to me and to them.

From what I understand, I'm supposed to reach an "inner enlightenment" to get those documents.
However, somebody needs to judge that enlightenment.
Whoever this turns out to be, he shouldn't be kept a secret.
this isn't about finding the one person who can teach you. it's a question of someone judging that you've reached an inner understanding.

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that does narrow it down, but it still leaves a lot of people, some of whom already have to deal with metric tons of PMs every day.
I don't even know if it's someone who makes sense for a specific spell, or a central person who will concentrate all "enlightenment" PMs
And you do realize that you're on that list, right?

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Ah, thank you Ren you have clarified that which I wished to know.. I shall seek them out now...
Also Tremir.. Think about it carefully, [spoiler]and read your history... [/spoiler]

[i]We should probably close this topic as anything else posted here may end up as a massive spoiler..[/i]

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This leaves much room for people to learn all lightning spells, though. Remember that all explanation on lightning spells (and a lot of timeless shot's) has been given out, but not all their papers? I could easily study them for a bit then come to someone to prove my understanding, and so could many others. That would make it everyone's generic spell..

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