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Mb: My Role Adds To Marind Bell

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I didnt realise this until after i made my role, that it adds a lot to marind bell that isnt here yet. Itll be easy if you read my role first, but ill just say a few summarized things.

It will add:
[spoiler]-More to a cave system that only berserkers have access to.
-Descriptions to an equipment set that looks like a sun and you get it from a hidden store.
-New buyable creature, most likely a rat.
-Possibly romance between two role players, yet the real life people behind them wont actually "love" each other, just their ingame characters.
-Where trophy heads come from and how people get a hold of them.
-New underground alliance that has bonuses when underground?
-Maybe more.[/spoiler]

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now that's some REAL hardcore roleplaying^^
don't get me wrong, i like all of your ideas so far, but you're having a little egotrip here, aren't you? an ava with a rat is no problem, and new monsters are a pleasure too, but you suggest changes all over the game so your role works better :P

I really like the story-telling you are suggesting, i always wondered where the heads are coming from and why they grow more by time, and descriptions to the sun items would be nice too, that leaves space for huge stories, but a new cave system that only you and your chosen members can enter?!

summary of all that useless babbling: i like it, but i think it's a bit "too much"^^

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When i said [spoiler]"More to a cave system that only berserkers have access to"[/spoiler] I meant stuff will be added to [spoiler]"the caves under marind bell that only people have done a puzzle have access to"[/spoiler], not an area down below in the caves that only certain people can enter.

Im also not talking about an alliance of rodent people, mainly just people who stay underground. The underground areas could also be expanded so it is under loreroot,no man's land, etc. There would be one entrance to the underground in each area. People in this alliance would obviously get bonuses for being underground.

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Well I like the idea, but a vast thing like that really shouldn't be a specific alliance. Maybe a quest or series of puzzles and battles (against rats?? eh eh you like?? :D ) you have to complete to get the underground bonus would make more sense. I like the idea of the expanded cave system as well, a nice way to travel through out the land too. But there would have to be another entrance into loreroot and other places (necrovian/gole-watever) with gates underground or somthing.

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