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school of Imagination


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No Bored, one with a Good Imagination should Always be Entertained....

And Boredom should be a Self Destroying State. By which I mean, the Very fact that A person is Bored should mean that they will soon come up with a Way to Entertain themselves.

Of course this Fails in the face of the Personalities of Those who's natures lead them to become Bored with whatever they are doing very Quickly. These people are fated to a Life of Seeking Entertainment, only to Find it slip through their Fingers a moment Later as Boredom once again Rears it's Ugly head.

Others however are able to take Boredom and use it as the Ultimate Motivation to find something Worthwhile to do, and a few of these types are actually able to produce something Worthwhile.

.... Ya, I didn't know what to add to this Thread, so I kinda just let my Mind Wander. Funny what comes out sometimes...

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To have much Imagination, you need to be good in visualisation: the art to see things in your mind...
You can train visualisation

Example: put an apple before you, examine it, smell it, touch it,...

then close your eyes... see the apple before your mind... look at it, see every little piece of it, try to smell it again... turn it around, all in your mind...

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You want see immagination here take some of this hadn made in less than 10 min:!

Be my little lion,once the snow fall in december,embracing me with your warmth blessed by Uriel,roar when the wind blows,stand up when the earth shakes,let others see your face when the moonlight comes in midday....

okay there is no sense in that but who cares!?From now on i will stop trying so hard to make my role.....i bumped my head too many times to make it right,now im just a writer with some pets to fight....

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that state of mind where inspiration and creativity copulate

where in ideas become real things start to take form and have defination
excersize for this on an art platform

everyone no matter your skill draw a picture with the following:

a woman
a feather
the element of wind
the element of water
the moon
a wild animal like a wolf

and the theme is memories this would be a good class for the art school too but here i think is where we can start

see how the people think of each item listed and how the add them to create a picture

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Guest frostis

just lean back... and try to fry yours lucid mind... look at yours sleeping body and feel the sensation of ability to do whatewer you want, then fantasy becomes reallity just dont be shy and scared... let yours mind fly away and do imposible :lazy:

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for imagination burning, we can make ourselves a MD fictionalized story that each of us writes a part of it, and we add to the parts of the story, interweaving a story that is divided yet whole.

I'll just wait for anyone's yays or nays.

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