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Mini Quest 9

Metal Bunny

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As stated in my quest paper, you may post your map here, if you do not think you would be sharing any secret places you'd rather not discuss. Otherwise send me a link for the map.

This is the topic designated for my mini quest nr. 9, which is part of my quest for my inner magic document.
Those who have read this first and wish to know more, please read my quest first, before asking here.

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Here is your map Bunny, you will need to zoom in to see it properly since it is very big. I did a diagrammatic map since I'm not very good at drawing (unless you count stick people ;) ) but you will find everything there that you asked for and put in as neatly as I could given the circumstances (the slight blurring is due to the change in format from visio to jpeg which I had to do so I could post it here). The underground caverns were especially hard since they are under Marind Bell and No Man's Land so I distinguished them by putting them in a cornered box rather then a rounded one and giving them slightly sharper arrows, still they tend to clutter the maps center were No Man’s Land and Marind Bell are. Note that any spelling errors in the map are also in the game since I copied the location names and coordinates exactly as they were displayed. You have no idea how long it took me to do this so I better get your inner magic scroll for this.

EDIT: great work soultear but that was a massive spoiler, espically for new players. the forum still has a copy of this stored so do not fear if this is the only copy.

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