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while sitting in the Marble Dale Dojo and watching a argument over where an attack happened

it occurred to me that maybe it would be a good idea to have a stamp in the attack log

saying so-in-so attacked you from (this place)

this could help in many ways when someone is coming into a dojo location and thinks they were attacked there with out the attacker asking

again this is
my 2c

The Metal Mage
(dojo staff in training)

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[quote name='Jonn' post='19133' date='Oct 29 2008, 05:34 PM']What! You're eating cookies on the job? Bad Light....where's my lighter.

It would be a usefull thing Kragel, signed.[/quote]

Oh no not the lighter :shok: What's the lighter? :( Oh and I agree with liberty; no annoying music :yahoo:

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I'm not sure I can see a Location Stamp being all that Needed, Other than this one Instance that you're talking about.

Generally the Time Stamp of the Battle should give you an Idea of both When and Where you were attacked (Unless of course you're a Subatomic Particle or Traveling Near the Speed of Light... Stupid Physics classes)

But, your right it would be relatively easy to Implement so... Meh :unknw:

( Btw... When did we get the New Smilies?)

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