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I seem to be confused

Guest Malgan Xander

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Guest Malgan Xander

Hello there, wonderful world, I greet you, as I just greeted my new dawn.. Which so happened to be at 14:00, but that's not the point, as it is a Saturday.
I believe you will all offer me some form of help? That's good, as I tend to be confused a lot..
For instance, from the start of the game I noticed that this is more of a roleplaying game, yet in this forum, people tend to.. seriously get out of character.
What's the deal with that?

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If you still wonder why despite an invitation to an imaginary pub, then the answer is once the game was not more of roleplaying game in terms of asterisks, but rather a roleplaying game in the way of all other mmorpgs except with a lot more innovation and different concepts. This only changed a few months ago, when people started to aim for being rpcs and created roles which they acted out ingame (to the despair of myself and others). Hence why originally, the forums were not for roleplaying but mostly about game development and bugs to be fixed.

So really people are not getting out of character, they were never in character in the first place. The people you see roleplaying occasionally in the forums are getting into character. Do you understand, Confused?

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