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[Loreroot] Rise Of The Rider

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I am the rider of the powerful winged beast protecting the skies..........I am a weapon researcher too.....I try to make new weapons and to see my story please read my papers.....it is slightly big and if needed I am ready to paste it here :))

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Okay here it is, do see my weapons in my papers

[i][b]"RISE OF THE RIDER"[/b][/i]

[b]Chapter 1: Nemesis[/b]

Sun rays started falling on my eyes. I opened my eyes, hmm!! a calm blue sky absolute silence......!!. Suddenly I remembered!!!......Uh!! removed the metal shield from my body and stood up. My body is still paining. I looked around and see nothing except the burned bodies of my kiths and kins....My land which was not like this till yesterday night. I closed my eyes. Yeah!!! I could see people are gathered around and in the middle stands my father. He is giving the victory speech.....the victory that we have achieved against the powerful "MUMRAH". My father was the strongest fighter in our village, knowing lots of techniques and spells!! I was proud to be his son. Ha!!! the speech is over, now its time to celebrate.

The celebration has started, music, dance, drinking and all, but it didn't last long.......we saw the bright sky getting darkened........we heard the sound of thunder, something really bad is gonna happen. There was a big silence in the party. BOOM!!!! a fireball from the sky fell into the center of our village.......a wave of panic rippled all over the place.....people started running........suddenly a scream came from our gate watchers "MUMRAHSSSSS"...........they are back for revenge ......they are back with more powerful creatures and magicians like zaagans, shamans and orcs. My father knew that our end was near but he was not willing to perish without a fight. He wore me the GOD armour and locked me up in the secret chamber in my house. Women and children were moved into safe and strong buildings..........TRAAKKK!!!!!! we heard our big gates collapsing, they are here, the fight has begun......my father screamed "TILL DEATH"........chaarge!!!!!!....................hours passed, the sound of metals striking each other became lower and lower and it came to a big silence..., "is this over??" I thought. TAMAAR!!!!!! I heard the building collapsing... I heard the screams of women and children, the steps of the beast came closer and closer........they are into my building......with in no time the zaagans found me, they threw me outside, but the GOD armour protected me from all the dangers. Finally they give up attacking me.Before leaving, they set fire on our village. My land was filled with screams and smokes. I was not able to see anything, i fell down unconscious and now I am here, I could remember everything.

[b]Chapter 2: Alone in the dark[/b]

I stood in the middle of burnt remains of my village, I don't know what to do?....why did he put me in the GOD ARMOUR !! why???....... I felt the painful feeling of being alone, tears fell from my eyes. I started walking towards the Sun without knowing what to do or where to go. I decided to walk till I faint and die. It didnt take long, I fell down and my eyes closed slowly. I went into my dreams where I saw my father telling me brave stories of fighters who never give up faith. He always told me not to surrender to the fate but try to resist your bad fate. I felt some strange energy in me, I woke up Uh!!! with a strange freshness on my face. Yeah!! It was the time to decide my next move and I have decided it "REVENGE"........the MUMRAHS shall pay for what they have done to me.
I started walking back to my village. I walked over the burnt remains of my village. Suddenly I saw it!!! a heart breaking scene........a headless half burned body lying down, which was no one else's, it was my father's "the great warrior" of my village. Tears pured down from my eyes. Quickly I regained my consciousness........ I took his powerful axe, his shield. It was so heavy for me to carry. I put them in a sack and dragged it through the ground and started walking towards the forest.......I stopped and looked back once more and continued my journey.I entered into the forest, I was not able to see anything there was absolute darkness and I was alone in the dark. The weapons in the sack created a strange noise which kept wild creatures away. I saw a small stream flowing in the jungle, I took rest there and drank enough water and continued my journey. End of the jungle was near; I could see the lights from other villages. I walked towards the light, gates were thrown open in front of me guards didn’t stopped me, nobody asked anything no wonder why!!!.... they might have seen what has happened to my village. Ahh!!! I fell unconscious. I fell into a sleep.

[b]Chapter 3:A New Hope[/b]

I opened my eyes slowly, the sun was flashing his light on my eyes. I was lying on a bed covered by a woolen cloth, I was in a small hut. I stood up, my body was till paining. I walked outside, I saw the men and women packing up food wooden logs etc, it seems they are going for some journey. I asked them but they didn’t reply, I saw the elder of the village walking down towards me. He asked me to sit. Then he told me that they are moving out the town under fear of the MUMRAHs they told that they don’t want to be burned like my village, he asked me also to pack my things but how can I do that. I told him about my destiny. His face turned black, he told me that none of his people can help and they are leaving, but before leaving the elder told me about an old man living on a tree near the swamps and he might help me. He walked away to his hut and also entered into mine and sat on the bed. After an hour they started leaving the village, elder looked back once again but I stood still and again I became alone. They had done a good thing for me; they have left some food and clothes for me. I slept again with uncertainties in my mind.

After a long sleep, I woke up. I was so hungry; I ate some of the food that was left in the village. A couple of days past, I had completely regained my strength and now it’s time for me to continue my journey. I packed my armors clothes and the final piece of food materials. I started walking towards the tree which the elder was talking about, after a long walk I found that tree. It was large Banyan tree with a big hole made at the centre; it was a kind of house where witches and black magicians used to live. I went closer, I looked inside and I saw an old man sitting in meditation, I sat outside waiting for him to open his eyes, after sometime he opened his eyes. He saw me and he called me inside, I told all my stories to him and about my destiny. He went in silence for some time and he told me that he is too old to teach any magic or do any magic, his memories were corrupted, he was helpless and went out. I was broken down, all my hopes are getting vanished, I lay down. I saw him coming back and after seeing determination he told me about a secret power hidden in the hills on the West. He asked me to go there and fulfill my destiny. AHH!!! I stood up, another journey. Before leaving, I thanked him and he gave me some potions that can help me in the journey. </font>

[b]Chapter 4: THE BUNDARS[/b]

After a long walk towards the west; I saw a big green hill, which seems to be the forest that the old man was talking about. I walked towards it. I reached its valley, there I found the real trouble the hill was surround by high wave waterfalls and there was only one land connection and I saw a village on that route. I walked towards that village, this time it was not as friendly as before, the guards caught me and they took inside the village. They took away my armors also. This village was really different from the other one, it had strong buildings and structure and the men here were gigantic figures and seems to be powerful. They took me to the leader of the village. He was big black man with wonderful attires and wore a special kind of chain, which I have seen before. I did a quick search in my memories and found out the data, they are the powerful BUNDARS and they were an ally of my village .

Bundars are courageous people. they don’t easily back off from any fights, they fight till death. I told the leader about my destiny and goal. He told me that their people are also aware of the Mumrahs & they are preparing for a fight. I told them that this small army of theirs is not enough & I want to gain more power which is hidden in that hill. His face was blackened. He told me that it is danger , lots of people from his tribe went for it and they never returned & whenever some one enters that forest, the next day they will be attacked by a strange bird. So they have blocked the way to that forest. Nobody will be allowed to enter. I became sad. He told me to start training with his people.

[b]Chapter 5: The Training[/b]

I started training with them. It starts from early morning everyday. It includes running race, training duels, weapon fights and a little magic too. Every day after the training, I used to try my own moves & techniques, some of them taught by my father. I worked with their weapon researcher, so that I can make my weapons stronger. Training became harder and harder, the thirst of revenge removed all the road blocks in front of me. In the mean time I came to know from the messengers about the attack of Mumrahs on the village that I entered after the village battle. It was destroyed but no casualities since it was deserted for a long time & they came forth to attack the Bundars too, but they were stopped by the e old wizard on the tree, his magic has caused great damage to the Mumrahs but he was too old to beat them completely and finally he died. Mumrahs were forced to retreat. In the mean time I tried to enter the forest many times and I was caught all the times, but due to his friendship with my father, he left me free. The news of the attack increased the level of training to the max. I upgraded my weapons and repaired my father iron gloves too.

[b]Chapter 6: In Search of Power[/b]

Nearly six months passed. My body has become stronger than steel, my weapons became toys for me. I could even break a big rock with my bare hands. I learned the magic spell to create fire. One night, I decided to enter the forest at any cost. I put on my weapons and attires & prepared myself. I went out slowly towards the gate, but the guards are so vigilant that they caught me again but this time I went hard on them, they were made unconscious. I jumped into the forest. It was dark, I kept my senses awake, I placed each and every step carefully. After walking for sometime, I saw a big wall blocking my way. I saw so many armors and dead remains of people. I stood prepared for anything. Suddenly two strange creatures pounced on me. But with two moves of my axe; they were cut into pieces. I waited for more , but nothing came Is this all??
I moved closer to the wall, I touched it……… suddenly a giant fire ball came to me, I quickly blocked it. I touched the wall again but nothing happened. I looked for a gap to enter to the other side but there wasn’t any and the wall was never ending. I started hitting it with my axe but there wasn’t even a scratch. I started hitting with my hands after putting the iron gloves, but it remained in tact. I sat down , not knowing what to do?.... For a moment I thought about my father and my people, I jumped up again and started hitting the wall violently like a mad man, still no effect. I screamed violently……suddenly I felt something burning on both my hands…… something happening to my gloves……. It is transforming….after sometime it took a new shape and I felt more power. I started hitting the wall again and this time it was breaking, after a few hits…… I got a gap to enter. I entered with my weapons.

[b]Chapter 7: A Strange Friendship[/b]

It was dark still. I walked slowly and after a few steps I reached an open space. I was able to see Bundar city and some other cities clearly from there and moon looked so beautiful from there. Suddenly a big creature jumped upon me, the giant bird which the Bundars were talking about……but was it a bird?? No it wasn’t and it was a Dragon a big giant black dragon. We fought a battle there. I tried all my techniques but finally I was taken down. I was trapped under its feet. He brought his head closer to me. It seems he is asking something yeah he is asking why I came here??..... I told my story quickly. He looked upwards and removed his feet, he turned around and walked towards the open air. I also walked along with him, he quickly turned towards me and told me through his mind that he is willing to help me but I need to help him too. I agreed to him quickly. He showed me a saddle and I tied it on him. It was the beginning of a new friendship. He flew with me into the sky. It was a strange feeling.

Chapter 8 : Final Battle[/b].

Next day the Bundars were in panic. They were expecting the gaint bird at any time. I flew with my dragon over them, people started running, but when they saw me on his top ; they stopped. I landed him on a vacant space. I jumped to the ground and walked towards the king and told him everything and asked for forgiveness. He was very happy. He told me a bad news, the Mumrahs they are coming back. We need to plan something. A new plan came to my mind “an alliance” plan. There was only 3 kingdoms left in that region “The Bundars” ,”The Nemoks” and “The Shruikens” we need to work as a team to defeat the Mumrahs. I went to all the Kingdoms and finally they agreed to meet. The Nemoks had powerful archers, their arrows can even block the Sun. The Shruikens were high speed ninjas their weapons are highly destructive. Finally we formed an alliance named “Freedom Warriors”. Quickly we all started the training.

We planned to attack them when they reach the forest near my home town. I had some big plans. I took some bundars and went there, it was like a small grass land, it was like the way I thought. I went back and made a potion which could catch fire easily. Messenger told me that the enemies will reach in a day. We poured the potion all over the grass field and went back home.

Next day we stood at our place near the forest waiting for the Mumrahs. After sometime they came, they were also stunned after seeing our force. They stood idle for sometime and started running towards us. I was waiting for them to enter the grasslands, when nearly a half of them entered the grasslands; I uttered the spell “[b]Flame of Death[/b]” a large fireball appears on my hand and I threw it on the grassland, the Mumrah army were in panic. Now it was time for the archers, they started firing burning arrows, Mumrahs started dying one by one but the magicians quickly stopped the fire by calling the rain. Deadly shruikens were attacking from the ground and the mumrahs were not able to see them. The Bundars started throwing high power spears and rocks on the mumrahs. Magicians started attacking my army with lightning. Me and by dragon started attacking the enemies from air, but my people were getting damaged by the magicians. I flew over the Mumrah army and noted the positions and I killed them one by one using my arrows. After the death of magicians the Mumrahs were defenseless, with in no time they were destroyed. A great win for the alliance. Dragon looked towards me seeking permission and I nodded. We flew towards the East.Nobody knew where we are going except the King of Bundars. I reached near the city of Mumrahs, I saw ugly creatures wandering here and there. It was time. I looked at my Dragon ….he was ready……. I uttered “[b]Invincible Inferno[/b]”…….a wild fire quickly engulfed the Mumrah land and I beheaded the people who escaped from the fire. Ahh!!! Sweet Revenge.

Chapter 9: A New Beginning[/b]

I went back; we celebrated our victory in style. The alliance agreed to remain as one and as a new kingdom and they elected me as their King , but I was not willing to take that position because I had to help my dragon, I got to pay him back. I named the Bundar king as the new leader of the alliance and walked towards the dragon , he was ready to fly. I jumped on his back and he flew up . He told me that he was taking me to a new land which has lots of creatures and lots of magic which is called the “[b]Magic Duel Land[/b]” . On the way he told me about the riders who has ridden him before. All of them left him after use and he killed all of them too, I am the seventh one and he gave me a name “[b]DRAGONRIDER7[/b]” and I called him the “[b]Mutendra[/b]” and that was the rise of the a new rider.

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