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The Definite form of I-BID

Metal Bunny

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[i]I decided to make a sort of alliance, revolving around me, with loads of inane bunny characteristics in it. Such as brainwashing.. The brainwashing didn't really work.. doped out zombies were the result.. Such as Minory for example.

I reworked the idea, and have finally finished the final concept. It's an underground alliance, that means everyone can join. Everyone. This means loads of spies are going to come in. Now I wouldn't be awesome if I didn't calculate that with it. In fact, spies are actually encouraged to enter.

Remember, it's not a real alliance, it is more of an organization.[/i]
What follows next is a small summary of rules and rewards and nice little details of everything that counts for those in I-BID and those who are declared enemies of I-BID. I-BID is an underground alliance, with military like organization, wherein deception and manipulation are encouraged.
The goal of this alliance is to serve the leader. I said leader and not me, that means that people can take over my position, if they are good enough at deception and manipulation. I will explain the military-like organization so that you may better understand what comes next.
Remember, most of it is inspired by the ancient Romans. As is the decadent backstabbing which might or might not come.

The leader(s) are the 2 Consuls. When there is but 1 consul, he will be the dictator.
There are other positions to be listed yet.
[b]List of ranks:
Consuls (Dictator)
Equites or ???
Bunny Legionare
Bunny Trainee
Bunny Minion[/b]

So it's an underground alliance filled with rewards and dangers. Backstabbing and deceit are not frowned upon. Nor is cheating, because technically, that can't happen, although there is 1 big exception to that rule, but that will come later.
This alliance is like the military, Higher ranks can give orders to lower ranks and demote them as well as promote them.

[b]To promote:[/b]
One has to be a higher rank. He or She has to have followed orders, but since this is to your subjective judgment, you can promote whenever you want.
You can only promote to your own rank.
You have to report this to the Dictator or Consuls with reasons.

[b]To demote:[/b]
One has to be a higher or lower or equal rank, as long as you are not a Bunny Minion.
To demote someone when you are of higher or equal rank, is to petition the Consuls or Dictator and ask for a demotion at the cost of your own demotion, do this with reasoning.
To demote someone when you are of a lower rank, is to petition the Consuls or Dictator in a group of 4 of the same rank at the cost of your own demotion, Bunny Minions can't do this.
Per lower rank the required amount multiplies with another 4. so 16 Bunny Trainees can demote 1 Decurion.
The rewards:[/b]
You get to order around those who are of lower ranking.
Bunny Legionare's get an attack bless upon request.
Decurions may request a heal.
Etc. Etc.

[b]Adepts or Worshipers:[/b]
Those who are already popular may opt for a fast tracking career in I-BID, the count of worshipers OR adepts, whichever is the highest, could work in your favor.
A list of adept or worshiper related bonuses.
25: Skip the Bunny Minion part and become an instant Bunny Trainee.
50: You can no longer be demoted lower than Bunny Trainee and can ask for the heal or blessing of your Consuls/Dictators a rank higher than your own.
75: Become an instant Bunny Legionare.
100: When demoting, you can demote someone 2 ranks, however, you will still be demoted 1 rank.

This all revolves around progress through the show of merit in the form of popularity or deceit... or both.
But there is one huge exception, so remember well that when the Dictator or Consul finds out you have been deceiving and the same goes for a report from someone else with enough evidence to back it up, you will have been caught and that means swift retribution!
Demotion of 2 ranks, 3 if you are Equites or higher.
[b]Because the only sin in I-BID, is getting caught.[/b]
So maybe honesty might work better, let's find out :)).

What kinds of orders are completely dumb and generally not accepted, and which ones are?
Orders which are in conflict with the MD rules are not allowed.
Orders such as spamming or insulting someone are thus really frowned upon.
Orders which are conflicting against your progress in game, such as, never sacrifice again, or do not gather wishpoints, or do not use the 24-hour bonus, is really frowned upon. Because you are ruining the game that way.

What kinds of orders are a good example, although not necessarily the only kinds of orders?
Recruit people, if not for I-BID then maybe for adepts or worshipers.
Find people and have them message them.
Attack this or that player.
Setup this kind or that kind of ritual.
Help with heads contest (this is so going to be used, I can tell, and it's okay, because the heads contest isn't fair.) Perform this kind or that kind of role playing action.
Put a, within ethical and MD bounds, message in this or that kind of paper.
Spy on this person. (hehe, this can get very subjective)
Help with quest, or other such things.
Standard orders:[/b]
In some cases there can be standard orders. This is to prevent a lot of administration and hussle, as well as smoothen the road to ascension.
The only standard order right now, is as a Bunny Minion and the order is to recruit 2-3 more Bunny Minions for I-BID.
So if you just joined I-BID, and no one talked to you yet, that is because you already have orders :(.

The list of I-BID people is not a secret until after the rank of Equites.
If you wish to join, pm the Dictator or Consul. All old I-BID members are hereby cast out due to reorganization. But those who joined due to my current quest for the Inner Magic Document, are redrafted.

But if you join us, realize that you are to stick with us.. an action against us, or even me, will result in direct demotion and if not applicable, direct expulsion. And once out of I-BID, always out of I-BID..

But what happens when you are thrown out of I-BID? Is it that bad? What could the poor little wabbit ever do to you? A lot, ordering minions to spam attack you, stronger subordinates to curse you, as well as my own arsenal of curses shall befall upon you. Besides that, participating in my quests for wishpoints or my Inner Magic Document will no longer be allowed until you complete a redemption quest. Once a redemption quest is completed, you are no longer an enemy, but neither are you in I-BID as well. You would thus become a neutral party once more.

But what about the people who no longer wish to participate actively in I-BID? Surely they won't be punished? And they won't, not being able to be active due to other factors is reasonable and you can go ahead and say you can't follow orders for the time being. Don't be surprised to see your rank fall though, but you will be kicked out and if you truly do not wish it, you can stay inactive at Bunny Minion rank. Those who have acquired a high rank may later opt to 'retire' they cannot promote nor be demoted and can so stay inactive for an indefinite amount of time. However, explaining your situation will be necessary as to prevent hit and run tactics.

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It's not really a spy group, I have the impression you didn't really read this..

You see, one of the orders may be to spy for someone.. it doesn't have to be.

Also, I-BID was the first spy alliance, the fact that it wasn't taken seriously by some, works in my favor.

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