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The Alliance of Golemus Golemicarum


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[u][b]The Alliance of Golemus Golemicarum[/b][/u]

The Alliance of Golemus Golemicarum is composed of people who love the region of Golemus and are ready to protect it until their death. Yes we know we don’t have access as of yet so we defend the main gate and reside in the land of...

We are defensive army and yes we are ready to attack those that become our enemies, we don’t want to go to war but if we are attacked, we will response by force if necessary; we are able to fight and defend ourselves well.

The Golemus Golemicarum Alliance has 50 seats. The Golemus Golemicarum Alliance is run by me Yrthilian with the aid of the counsel advisers the counsel consist of five other players. You can talk to them to have some information about their roles or about Golemus in general.

The support Group is composed by all persons who wants to join Golemus and protect Golemus, there isnt a limited number of places into this group so everyone can join us and play the role he or she wants for Golemus.

We have an alliance treaty with Loreroot. So we share information with them and don’t attack them. If they are under attack, we can help them if they request our help.

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no, there are no special creatures you get for being in an ally x(

if you have read closely, GG-members can't enter GG freely...

by being in an ally, you gain a homeland and house bonus on your stats, homeland bonus being constant and house bonus altering with the number of other ally-members online (eg if 4 members are online, you get 8% of the max house bonus)

yes, we can fight other players normally (8 min on normal players, 1 hour on other allies), and we gain loyalty from winning against other ally-members and lose some loyalty for losing against other ally-members^^

cons: there are none =D
except that you lose loyalty, and that you will be asked all sorts of stupid questions by n00bs because they think you are a god-like being...if none of these two things bug you, there are really no cons :P

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