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A Cry For Improviment


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I wanted to put my voice at least about the honor system and alliance members its common knowledge that its quite dificult to see the honor you are gaining with each fight and not only that but the problem with 50 minutes of waiting!?Why not only 8 min like any other,we do not have anything using the alliances right now and its quite dificult to get positive honor with 50 min of waiting i cant get losses to recover my honor neither people can attack me frequently with those 50......

My question is:

Will it be changed someday the time or the honor system be destroyed?

(Didnt know where to put this.....soo since it was a question,fell free to move this to another place)

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now, it may sound kinda stupid, but have you ever thought of quiting the ally? xD

just take 2 days off from your ally and then ask someone to invite you again...or, if you don't trust your members (that would be...a signal that the ally is not running that well, to put it in a diplomatic way...), make an alt and invite that one, so you can invite yourself back in ;-)

and seeing the honor is not that hard, it shows up when you are in the 'choose ritual' screen^^

EDIT: just saw that you already quitted^^
knowing you need some losses, i'll get you some now as long as i can =D

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What I suggest for the honor system is this: if you're not balanced you do not get stat points when you fight...Of course this will mean less idle players but then again it will mean more activity from the players...

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click on the circle you have in which you look at your progress and how many wins or losses you have. In there you will see your loyalty (this is the one that increases every time you pray and give 250heat to your worshiping commander) but if you want to see the days you were logged in then look at the above screen where it states your id next to it you will see your each active day.

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