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New Topic on the Creation of alliances


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I think alliances should not be asked for, they should just be another element to the game, and if it does fit at a social level then eventually made into an alliance, but "alliances" should not exist for the sake of becoming one of the built in alliances, it should exist because it makes sense and there is passion behind the idea.. Regardless of having an icon.

But this is just my opinion..

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I personally feel that this recent cry for new alliances is due to the apparent stagnancy of the current alliances in the main. It is irrelivant to say lots is going on behind the scenes, when the community of general players begins to torture itself due to the visual lack of movement.

As far as new ones are concerned, I would prefer the above issue to be dealt with, and then see what remains. Of course there will indeed 'be' remains, but all things in order.

Other than that I agree with Granos. :pardon:

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I generally agree with the Above posts.

Alliances should have some actual community behind them, as well as a good notion or idea to back them up. And honestly I think that is how (at least the Non-Land based Alliances) have been formed thus far.

I have seen too many Threads pop up of people saying "I have a great Idea for ____ Guild, anyone want to join?" and NONE of these have gotten anywhere. If you want to start an Alliance you should talk to People in the Game first, not hope people who read the forums (Not everyone who Plays the game reads the Forums) decide to jump on board with your Idea.

Another thing (More of a Peeve of my Own), is that almost every Alliance Idea I see is an Assassin, Mercenary, Cut-Throat, ect. style of Alliance. Everyone seems to have the Idea that an Alliance should be geared towards taking over MD somehow, or that all Alliances should have a Battle Theme.

In my Opinion Alliances should have some overarching Goal, or Goals... and I mean More than Just Mayhem and Destruction.

One of the better Ideas I've seen of late is Cryxus's Pirates (Crimson Blade or something). On the Surface the Pirates are similar to the Battle theme, but I really liked that Cry had the Idea of taking it further to Exploring the Seas and Actually having a Ship, Not to mention that I had heard and Seen his plans (and he had a Crew) long before anything was posted on the forums.

I think there are plenty of Ideas that can be Incorporated at various levels, it's just that many of the Better ones would take some Planning and a Lot of patience. I'm sure that if you can come up with a Good idea, even if it doesn't seem to quite Apply to the current State of the MD World, as long as you stick with it and work at it you might start something truly special.

Just Some thoughts.

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I must say that I agree with Bootes and can vouch for the philosophy of developing an idea and following in game. Not only does it engender thought about the purpose of the group, but allows others the time to get to know you (if you are the leader) and to meet others who support the idea.

It may seem like a long wait but I believe that the resultant core group joining the alliance/guild will have a much stronger commitment to the ideals of the cause rather than saying "what's in it for me"

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I also agree with bootes, and I really tried in game to get something coming along, and I just made the post to provide a more solid idea to those who were perhaps unaware, and to show some of the support I had, not because it was a popular thing to do.

In that regard I must say a guild I wish i saw come into being is the Children of the Eclipse. They have tried very hard, in an in game manner, and I personally feel they deserve a chance to shine.

[center]~Captain Cryxus of the Crimson Blade~[/center]

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ok it make shock some of you but I also agree that a possible alliance or guild should have to prove thenselves but I also believe they should be gaven a chance to do so before people start going no that pointless or that will not work and I tried this before with aqune's Berserkers Horde idea though I wasn't really into that one I think I just wanted to do something back then that was long before this rush of wanting more alliances and the whole reason I want the one I'm pushing for now is to do what I want I need help and getting my few helpers a alliance to help them and help them help me is the least I can do and I'll keep at tell it happens

oh and dst I'm sorry I was a (...) about it in the other topic when I defend my point of view I some times do so too strongly and turn into a ranting (...) and be rather hostile I know it a bad habit and I'll try to in the future to keep it under control

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im not gonna lie, im posting this because i got tired of the bickering taking place on another thread in this forum, and i would like to see more interest in the possibility of the creation of new guilds. In particular the Children of the Eclipse, followed closely by my own ^_^ (c'mon i had to throw in a shameless plug...what are pirates if not shameless?).

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