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First I apologize for my english.

Ive read all FAQ for newbes and I still think it will be usefull to know the experience of other players on this, lets call it "adjusting period", when everyone is attaking youre fewer and undeppeloped creatures.

I dont like to complain, but the only reason I havent quit is because I trully like the story, the puzzles and all the learning experience aproach.

Im sure there must be a way I can still go on playing, upgrading my creatures and all... but i havent been able to find it yet. Is not easy to get wins...or i maybe doing something wrong... Im five days old, the same number of times I have been attaked in the dojo...

I surely hope there is something im missing. I not very good writing but i understand quite well. If anyone thinks there is something i should know about the game please contact me.



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Thanks Grido. :good:

I realy hope so because i do like the game. Its quite refreshing, it is diferent from all browser based games ive played wich are all based in a... i dont know how to put it... "upleveling fighting system" and nothing more. I did got a little tired of that, and wanted something completly diferent. As i read, i hope the game developement consist in a more balanced chalenge and search for knoledge with creatures enconters experience than just based on wining battle and upleveling creatures achivements.

Humm.. again... sorry for my english. :D

Im gonna stay a bit more to see what happens. But it is a bit boring to revive creatures all the time. I edit: 7 times ive been attaked in the dojo.

Thats it !! I wont complain anymore... Ill just leave when i had enough.


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Tenoch, there are two things you need to know:
1. NEVER excuse yourself for an english that good!! only few here speak english as native tongue, and therefore, the english level in here is not that high xD
you are quite good, and most here are worse, soo...just talk, and ask again if you can't understand something, most players will explain more than once because they fear that their own english is the problem *hehe*
2. MP3 is HARD
it's a test for newbies, and only those who manage to go through that nightmare are worthy of being amongst the elite players here =)
i hope you will enjoy^^

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don't listen to stormy, he's still suffering from his withdraw it seems...or he just forgot what mp3 is like LOL
mp3 is really really hard times, because you have no means to defend yourself...you have too little vitality to regenerate your monsters, you can't set any defs that will stand a battle without throwing in your best critters, and with the slow regeneration, it sometimes drives you up the walls when you need just a few more wins for a critter and can't get them because you are out of vitality to revive some mobs...
mp5 is loads easier, with the improved stats, the stronger critters and all the knowledge you want at your hands... all you need to do is a bit of thinking and listening, but mp3 is just a brutal war... all the dojo violations, all the bad mp3 waiting for a HC and bashing newbs, all the seemingly impossible npcs...

tenoch, see it as a test, and when you manage to get through mp3 and make it to the top of them, embrace that feeling and remember it well, becasue once you proceed to mp4, the test starts over again, but under harder circumstances =P

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hehe he got you there burns....

[quote=Tenoch]I dont know yet if your words gave me encouragement or plain frustration[\quote]

its supposed to be encouragement mate... and trust him it gets alot more fun when you go to next and next mp levels.. maybe it takes time but its worth it i think. If you want add me i will give you free wins.. check my profile and add me in msn so we will know when we both are online.

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