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Looking for some programming help

Logan Marquis

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The title says it all, really. Simply explained, I've downloaded a program called TVersity which will allow me to stream my movies and music to my Xbox and other PCs on my network. It has a built-in feature for reading from Media RSS Feeds. However, the feature has one big downfall and that is that it requires the content to be in the media:content tag in the RSS Feed to find the content at all.

Here's my quandry. I am under the opinion that it might be possible to create a dynamic feed that pulls in from a source RSS feed and manipulates specific feed tags and then spits it all out as the correct tags for TVersity.

Anyone who has ANY idea how I might be able to do this can hit me up in-game or on Yahoo. And believe me...this will be worth the trouble. The entire forums at TVersity are arching for a fix for this RSS problem, and it's possible someone could setup an easy walkthrough and get some pretty sweet donations from TVersity users. Or at the very least generate some traffic to their site. :-p

I have example feeds from Hulu.com for those interested.

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