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avatar request question

Death Bell

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hey is it possible for me to make a request to the artist and if i like the picture they show me.. can i ask them to keep it down so that when i am able to buy the avatar i can ask them to give it to mur to release. Is that possible or if the picture is really good will it automatically go to the avatar section?

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Technically, u can... Well, u can ask them to draw it for you, and ask them not to put it on the package they submit to Mur until you have the credits.. But when you finally do, you still have to race with others to be the first to buy it.

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hehe thanks alot :D problem with me is the days..... i dont have enough days activity to bu yit :D

thinking of bribing mur somehow to tell me when they release :D

EDIT: HOLY COW what happened... all my items from extra features are missing :angry: how can i buy the avatar now, i heard mur said next wek new avatar is going to be relased ;) noooo

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Standard Policy is this.

You may ask any of us to do anything you want. We may do or not do anythine WE want. Now, if you find one of us to be amenable to your plight, we can withold any drawing until such time as you're ready to buy it, however it would be best if you waited until you were at least close to being able to purchase it. As a rule, artists aren't the best organized people (the whole left brain / right brain thing) and remembering who asked for what and making sure to hold on to certain drawings for different amounts of time is a pain.

Also, because of the system in place, custom avatars are pretty much out. It takes a lot of work for Mur to place avatars in peoples' profiles, so while most of us would be happy to draw whatever you ask, especially since inspiration is sometimes difficult to come by; please realize that we can't do any more about ensuring that you get "your" avatar than you can. Many of us are willing to draw two or three variations on a theme to help you get one that matches what you're looking for, but you'll need to be ready to act when the avatars are released.

Oh, and one other thing. We are not responsible for the coloring of the avatars, so please don't ask us about that.

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