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Voting free credit II


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HowDee all,

I'm still new to the game and was curious about the Voting for free credits as I have voted the entire page twice, but when I go into the MD Shop it shows I have 'NO CREDIT'?

Is it posted somewhere else or am I missing something?



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Uhm… thanx… I guess.

Next time I’ll make sure to re-read the extensive reading material for this unique game as I obviously missed or am just unable to recall reading the requested information, rather than ask a simple question on the forums, for I mistakenly thought that’s why it was here; my deepest apologies.

~censored by Liberty


Kamyn, the blunt.

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Are you serioulsy saying that you cannot read the very simple and short text explaining this RIGHT NEXT TO how many credits you have gained?

And dont mess with DST, I'll let you find out why for yourself

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