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I suggest first, and foremost, that the icon for the "Things I Hate" be a red minus sign, instead of the green plus sign. Green pluses are for good things.

Second, I suggest that when you type "/me words go here" in the chat it acts like an emote in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and drops the colon after the nick, and to signify it as an action, turns the line gray. It makes for more visually pleasing actions than putting *action*.

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if you're talking about the Hate List icon when you click on a players name, then it's not green, or red, it is black, they all are

if you mean something else, what?

as for the second point, if you read some of the other threads you'll have seen that that's been asked, and answered before, the fact being that certain actions are possible, but you have to enable them through the MD shop for the all time low price of $1

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Okay, it is black...either way, it is a 'plus' for a 'hate', which goes against most norms I have seen. While this game is mostly out of norms, this is one difference that just strikes me as odd.

I'll get back to the chat actions when I can see how they act.

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? what difference does what an icon looks like make? Everyone knows its the hate icon. I never thought of it as a plus before, just a random symbol. I don't think anyone is too bothered about it.

For chat you can always use *words* for actions, everone else does

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