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Influencing Battle Duration


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after joining an alliance i noticed that the number of rounds of a battle can mainly influence its outcome. sometimes a single round longer or shorter deceides about complete annihilation or strategic victory. so i wonder that you dont have any means to influence the lenght (aside from being in an ally, which reduces most combats to 2 to 4 rounds, no matter if this is in your favour or not). while one could say that being in an ally simply changes the way you have to design your rits, i think this is wasted potential.
the strategic advantages should be obvious, since you would be able to design setups to be very strong at a certain battle duration, but cant be sure how the other has set his preferrances.

my idea is to be able to influence how long your fights should last.
lets say a normal battle lasts 7-8 rounds. attacker (when attacking) and defender (when setting a def rit) have the option to state if their rits should try to shorten or lenghten a battle.

lets say there are 4 choices: skirmish, shorter, longer, until destruction
a longer battle would increase the duration to 10 rounds, a shorter decrease it to 5 rounds. (each choice randomly plus/minus one?)
skirmish would be 2 (+/-1) rounds and a till-the-bitter-end match is fought until one rit is completely destroyed. while the extremes of 2 rounds/destruction only occour if both sides choose them, other options would increase or decrease the duration.

if they chose different durations it will be increased/decreased by less, randomly favouring one side but leaving the other side the chance to tone the enemies decision down.
example: attacker wants to fight till destruction and gets favoured, defender wants a shorter battle. this would end up by increasing the rounds by 1-3.

an additional option could be that some choices bring advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the enemy chooses. so could a rit designed to strike and retreat gain a bonus to initiative compared to a rit designed to whittle its enemy down, but the longer the fight lasts, the greater the advantages (def/attack?) of the persistant rit could become.

an advantage of this idea would be that setup and duration could weight heavier than raw stats, giving a carefully designed rit of a stat-wise weaker player better chances to defeat a stronger player, which harmonizes with the general idea of the md battle system.

thats the idea so far ^_^
it wouldnt change the battle system itself, but means to add a new strategic dimension.

(numbers in my example are just to give an impression of the concept.
also, i have no idea how much work it would be to implement this, but since ally/non-ally influences the duration, there already has to be a mechanic of some sort)

your thoughts?

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well, it certainly would help you to achieve your exp regualtion more efficiently (as long as you have someone helping you with it), which is intendet. right now you can do 2-3 battles with your training partner to get the same result as one with "optimized duration". as for the annoyance of an offensively used regen rit set to "till destruction", as long as you chose a short duration, you have a chance to get favoured and decrease the damage done to your exp and vp, compared to a standart fight.
what interests me most, is if you think of it as a useful/do-able suggestion or primarily a source of new trouble ^_^
suggestions for improvement of the idea are most welcome

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well i will tell you that this could hurt a lot if not used properly and many players, believe it or not doesnt know to set proper rit with all this we have now, not to talk about counter rit for something, this could help only very experienced players, but still nobody is safe, since you can crash into many things and you can never know, and most likely if you are going with force, you will always choose till destruction, well anyway, i guess everybody will chose that, so if some smart guy sets trees as i stated in post above, then dang, you are out ^_^ it could screw you and you didnt wanted that

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