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Heads Contest Changes?


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Is there any way to have both chances for new players and fun for old players?

What I was thinking was a three stage type of deal:

1. First stage, normal stage we have now. No past winners can take heads... etc. Ends at 2,500 points in every category

2. Second stage, the let's-have-fun-and-mess-it-up stage. This is where we revert back to what the HC contest rules were before last month. Ends at 5,000 points.

3. Third stage, the normal second stage we have now. No past winners can take heads. This would be a interesting stage, because depending on how stage 2 went, there could be a LOT of excess heads under the control of past winners. Or you could have it set that all past winners lose their heads at the third stage. Who knows? But I'm sure there is a way to integrate both types of Heads Contest...


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